The Combination System Introduction

Hi Bloggers,

Just a quick intro to this very simple system that I will be reviewing over the next

few weeks and months hopefully.

This system is based solely on the flat season from May to December.

The profit figures quoted from May 2007 to December 2009  are at  + 133,888 GBP

at 100 GBP level stakes.

We shall see if these figures live up to expectations over the next few weeks.

Ths system is based on just 3 or 4 factors and is painfully easy to operate.

(all bets can be made the night before racing)

I can’t really be more specific than that without giving the game away!

The author recommends starting with a bank of 70 pts so I will use this as my

starting bank and back to level stakes and at BSP minus 5%.

I will report back later on  with the first results as we have 2 selections today.

All the best, Tommy.              (Click here to see The Combination System…)