Note From The Commissioner

Absolutely fantastic review Philip, I agree 100% with your figures and your outcome.

This system simply cannot be considered as Passed and recommended.

Bank management is very risky and wipeout surely is inevitable one day.

I will consign this to the neutral section and it will be released on bail…

[You can see The Dutching Diamond here…]

Hi Bloggers

The Dutching Diamond  Review Summary and Days 53-56

Over the last 4 days there have been 14 race selections 7 didn’t
qualify due to odds on favourites or too low a profit margin.
of the races which did qualify we had 2 winners on Sunday, followed by
a loser/winner/loser on Tuesday (No bet on Monday), we then
had a non-qualifier and a winner today recouping our losses.

Total Profit for 4 days £60.

Final Review Summary

Although the Dutching Diamond has had a fantastic run and been
hyped up by another “rival” website, which had the audacity to use
my review even though it wasn’t complete, I still have doubts
about this system.

If we go back to basics, you will recall that we are backing
3 horses in every race, even down to a 5 horse race, in the hope
that one of them will win and produce a £10 profit each time.
My understanding of “dutching” is that you are normally backing
2 horses in a race not 3.

The only problem with this type of betting system is that the
normal stakes can be around £20 to £40 for a £10 return, which can
result in total wipeout if we hit a losing run. (The longest losing
run thus far has been one race)

The system itself is based on historical racing logic and results,
which do make sense and seem to come up with results on a regular basis.
Personally I find the checking process to establish the selections too
cumbersome and have always used the author’s low rate telephone
line, which gives the selections by 10am most days.  In this way there
can be no doubt that the selections are correct.

If you want to go down the route of picking your own bets, you will
need a paid subscription to the racing post.  The system can also be used
for Irish racing which is another plus factor.

The cost of the system is £99 which is not too onerous bearing in mind the
results achieved during the last 56 days.

Now I don’t want to “ditch” the dutching diamond, but I am not comfortable recommending a
system which has such a high risk factor.  It may be that another review can be
undertaken in the future, but at the moment my own opinion is that this system
should be consigned to the Neutral Section (and I hope James agrees with me).

I will leave it up to you if you want to pay £99 and try out the selections for

Days 53-56  Profit Total + 60 points 

Using a profit margin of 15% and over, profit 462.61 pts profit.  (Bank 1462.61 from a starting 1000 pts)

[You can see The Dutching Diamond here…]