The Football Guru Introduction

27th June 2017







Sgt Smithy Introduces The Football Guru


I’m Sgt. Smithy and this is my fifth review at Betting System Truths. I’m currently reviewing The Sports Guru and Hat Trick Hero from Betting Gods so this completes the trio of Anthony’s services. I’ve also reviewed Pro Footy Tips which is another service from the Betting Gods network and after following it for nearly 6 months, that one is still not making a profit. My first impressions of The Football Guru are good and I hope to see an excellent return over the review.


Service outline

The Football Guru has been operating for one and a half years since December 2015 and sends daily emails.

All of the tips are back selections and in the last few weeks whilst I’ve been observing the tips, the odds have varied around 1.9 to 3.5 but can be higher. Most of the picks are singles but there can be a multiple incorporating them as well. The service also covers tournament bets like the recent Confederations Cup, example bets might be for the outright winner or top goalscorer.

The tips have been sent daily every evening whilst the majority of games have been played late in the day. I expect that the tips will be sent in the morning for afternoon games.



From the results on the Betting Gods website, it looks as though the service provides a reliable, steady bank growth with only 6 out of 19 months not showing a profit so far. Four out of the last five months haven’t been profitable however. This could be a downturn in the service or it may just be variance.

Another potential issue is that the longer term tournament bets may skew the results of the review due to the higher odds and lower implied chances of winning compared with the daily match bets. If this appears to effect the overall stats at the end of the review, I will analyse them separately.


Ease of use

In general, the service should be straightforward to implement. All tips are for win bets and the best priced bookies are advised with the daily email. It may take some time to place the bets if they’re all best priced with different bookies but it shouldn’t be overly time-consuming.

From checking the bets already, I have noticed that some selections might not be available across all bookies. This generally shouldn’t be a problem as the bookies are advised with the tips but potential subscribers should bare in mind that having the widest selection of bookie accounts will maximise profits.

I’ll check that the advised odds are available as soon as possible after the tips are posted and I’ll monitor it throughout the review to ensure that the advertised profits are fair and honest.


The Cost

There is a 30 day trial available at the cost of £1 at the time of writing. Afterwards, a monthly subscription is £39.95 + VAT(£47.94) and a quarterly subscription is £99.95 + VAT(£119.94). Payment is made through Clickbank so the normal 30 day, no questions guarantee is available. This is a great feature and gives you plenty of time to get a feel for everything. It also makes me feel that the service is genuine and that the tipster has confidence in his selections.


Review updates

I’ll aim to post daily reviews as soon as possible after the tipped matches are finished. Tournament tips will be reviewed in the day following the result of the tip.

As the tips come with a recommended stake, I’ll follow that and also record the results to level stakes with a 100 point bank for ease of comparison with other services.

As with all of our reviews, I’ll follow the service for a minimum of 56 days and unless it’s impossible to recover a profit at that point, I’ll continue to 84 days.

If you’ve got any experience with The Football Guru or you’ve got any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.




Sgt Smithy Introduces The Football Guru