The Football Guru Review Day 42

13th August 2017







Sgt Smithy Reviews The Football Guru


We had 1 single and 1 double pick for Friday. Lyon beat Rennes 2-1 to win the first bet. The second pick was for Sporting Lisbon and Celtic to both win with a -1 goal handicap. Whilst both teams did win, it was only 1-0 so the double was unsuccessful.


Day 42 summary
DateTotal advised stakesTotal betsBets wonP/L (TFG plan)P/L (Level stakes)
Day 42 breakdown
MatchTipAdvised stake (points)Advised oddsScoreResultP/L (TFG plan)P/L (Level stakes)
Lyon Vs RennesLyon to win22.052-1Win2.11.05
See aboveDouble22.98See aboveLoss-2-1

Overall review summary

Bets placedBets wonStrike rateP/L (TFG plan)Bank (TFG plan)P/L (Level stakes)Bank (Level stakes)



Sgt Smithy Reviews The Football Guru