The Form Man – Introduction

3rd December 2012

The Form Man

Sergeant Lucian – Introduces The Form Man

Hi Bloggers,

Allow me to introduce a tipping service from SportWorld Publishing – The Form Man.

As the name says this is a tipping service provided by The Form Man.

The service provides  horse racing selections on Win and Place market around 12 selections per day. Selections can be Win only, place only or both. Proofing will use Betfair Starting Price (BSP) but it is really the buyers choice if they want to use other bookies with horse racing markets.

On the Form Man web page you can find results from August. The results with 1 point level stake  are: August – profit 143.70 points, September – profit 82.39 points, October – profit 7.70 points, November – profit 32.14 points.

Membership of The Form Man is £95 per month, not cheap but this review will help you to see if the money is a good investment.

I’ll use for this review only one bank of 100 points. The review will be for 56 betting days extended to 84 betting days if it does well.  Please note that during the review maybe  I will come up with some extra staking strategies if this will bring more profit. This will be extra and not count in the final review.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see The Form Man]


Sgt Lucian – Introduces The Form Man