The Format Racing Method- Introduction

Hi Bloggers,

So here we are at the start of my latest review for the ‘Format Racing Method’

Having read the detailed information given by the author on the ‘FR Method’,

I will try to explain briefly what is involved, without hopefully giving too much

away as to the methods used.

We are looking at certain qualifying races throughout the day and calculating

the probability of success using various mathematical factors along with

certain historical data concerning each type of race to work out the best possible

scenario in which to bet successfully.

This is in addition to a ‘safety factor’ which is also used in determining

which races to bet in.

The mathematics behind all this is explained very clearly in the FR method guide.

When each race is identified, which can be done before the start of racing,

then all that is required is to calculate (using an excel worksheet) exactly how

much to bet on any particular qualifying horse. Now this should be done just

before the ‘off’, so it does require you to be available for live betting.

(I think this is where you have to be a little bit organised as you may have to

place bets a minute or less before the start)

(we are using Betfair of course!)

So for the purposes of the review, I will be reporting the results as stated at Betfair

SP with 5% deducted of course.

I will also hopefully do some live ‘paper trading’ and see if there are any major

differences between ‘live’ prices and BSP.

(In fact I have recorded yesterday’s results at BSP and compared them with the

author’s (Martin) and there was a slight difference which I think is obviously

to be expected)

So Bloggers I am looking forward to this review and hope to see some positive

results as we go along.

See you on the 1st day’s update!

All the best, Tommy.                   (Click here to see the format racing method…)