The Full Circle  System  September 26th  Days 54 to 56

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     Well the 56 days review period has come to an end and the system is showing a 1.64 points loss, now this is not really enough to say that the system has Passed or Failed, so i have decided to extend the review for another 28 days in the hope that we can get conclusive proof one or another. Just for record only 1 selection each for Day’s 54 and 55 both lost, for Day 56 no selections as the system does not operate on a Sunday.

Date Selection BFSP Bet Result P/L Bank
09/24/2010 King of Aran 3.68 Win 4th -1.00 39.36
09/25/2010 Horseradish 4.40 Win 3rd -1.00


Day 56 No Selections (Sunday Racing No Bets)

P/L Day’s  54 to 56 =  minus 2.00 points

Running Bank after Day 56 = 38.36 points (minus 1.64 points) 


Sgt Dave

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