The Gambling Don – Final review

June 14 2013

The Gambling Don

Sergeant Steve Reviews The Gambling Don

The Gambling Don

Hi Bloggers,

To recap, The Gambling Don is one of many tipping services offered through BetFan. Apparently, The Gambling Don is “a ruthless character who has sucked cash from the bookies for more than two decades. This is down to his personal passion for the Sport of Kings but also because of his impressive list of insider contacts who are totally detached emotionally from the sport and simply love the taste of the bookies cash”.

We were also promised secret inside info at its very best, talk that jockeys and trainers really don’t want you to hear about! It’s going to be fun, exciting and in Don’s words…. “Profitable!” BetFan allege Don’s proofing over a 2 month period has been exceptional! His advice generated a massive +199.60 points profit! The sales page claims Membership has been initially limited to just 250 members and we expect this to sell out real fast!

There are three levels of membership:

  • Bronze is a 28 Day Subscription costing £58.00;
  • Silver is a 90 Day Subscription costing £130.00; and
  • Gold is a MEGA DEAL that buys you a 6 month subscription costing just £199.00!

So in a nutshell we were subscribing to a tipping service that sends us tips via email every day and we just back them to advised stakes. Bets were advised to a certain amount of points and I used a starting bank of 100 points for the purpose of this review.

So in all, over the 86 days there were;

  • 115 selections
  • 27 winners
  • strike rate of 23.5%
  • 499 points were staked
  • 561.5 points returned
  • ROI of 12.5%

A ROI of 12.5% should not be sniffed at as it is actually very hard to profit from backing horses. No matter what anyone tells you it is far easier to make a profit from laying than it is backing so a service such as this cannot be ignored. This service will easily fit into any betting portfolio and we are confident that the long term ROI can far exceed the results that we have already seen.

Start Balance:  100 points

Total P/L:   62.5 points

Final Balance: 162.5 points

The Gambling Don

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Sergeant Steve Reviews The Gambling Don