The Golden Key Method 2– Introduction  June 5th

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From the same author and stable as All By The Book comes the Golden Key Method 2, the original Golden Key was launched in 2008 now this made money but was restricted because at that time there was only 2 bookmakers that the method could use and not any bots that could be used either. So onto the new version Golden Key Method 2 it has 12 bookmakers it can use now and a choice of bots to make life easier, it comes into two variants. Both Variants require about an hour of your time starting around 11:30am to 12 noon then  on Variant 1 you place your bets on a Bot or follow the races live its upto you, with Variant 2 you have to follow the races live as this is active trading around a minute before the off. Besides the bookies accounts you also need to have a Betfair account, as regards betting bank the website indicates 100 points, i personally would use at least 150 points but that is up to the individual. So is this the same method as All By The Book?, the answer is no, but it does have insurance built into limit losses to minimize risk.   What bots can be used with this method Grey Horse Bot, LayBot Pro and Betting Assistant are the 3 mentioned on the website.

Currently Golden Key Method 2 is priced at 67 pounds so what do you get for your money well a 10 page PDF with no padding, the method is discussed on pages 3 to 7 and 7 to 10 the two variants, on page 9 is where you get the the link to the resources page. The resources page is very useful it has 3 videos on how  to use the method and covers both variants, download link for a spreadsheet which not only keeps a record of your bets but works out P/L for both variants, there is also a video on how to use the spreadsheet as well, other items on the the resource page is links to the Bots, Bestbetting, Oddschecker, Arb cruncher plus a couple more. In May it turned over a profit of 89.66 points profit (Note it started on May 6th) now this my not seem that good compared with its stable mate All By The Book but this is using approximately 10 to 15 times less bank so its certainly well up there if it continues in the same fashion. The method is quite flexible you can even use it weekends only, it still made a profit of 41.77 points in May on Variant 1,  now just to make the point that this is a method not a system  so just like its stable companion results will vary from time to time.

For the purpose of this review i shall be using Variant 1 , using BFSP where appropriate and recording P/L only, the starting bank will be 100 points and every bet will be to 1 point level stakes. Please folks do not ask me to name selections because i cannot, otherwise it would  compromise the method and i have no wish to fall out with the author /publisher over this.  Anyway i believe the principle of the method is sound enough, but lets see what happens over the next 56 or 84 days of the review, the proof of the pudding is the eating so to speak.


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