9 October 2012

Sergeant John Reviews The Laying Game

Five qualifiers today from ten selections and another profit for The Laying Game.

The green coloured tips are layed at 6am, the blue ones at 10am.

The daily profit now averages 1.41 points. *Prices reduced due to non-runners.

Today’s results and the overall Daily Profit/Loss and Running total take into account a 5% Betfair commission reduction on winning lays.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSelection                         Price      Result      Profit/Loss

14:10 Leicester                  Nickels And Dimes           4.6           3rd xxxxxx +4.75

14:50 Brighton                  Arctic Admiral                  5               9th xxxxxx+4.75

15:40 Leicester                 Linguine                                3.25         1st xxxxxx– 11.25

16:10 Leicester                  Burnham                              4.9             2nd xxxxxx+4.75

16:30 Catterick                Authentication                 4.6             2nd xxxxxx+4.7

Opening Bank: 500pts

Daily Profit/Loss: +7.75pts

Running total: 648.99pts

Best Regards

[Click here to see The Laying Game…]

Sergeant John Reviews The Laying Game