The Laying Game – Final Review

19 October 2012

The Laying Game

Sergeant John Reviews The Laying Game

The Laying Game

I originally planned to review this system for 56 days but actually looked at it for nearly twice that time. One of the reasons I did that was the The Laying Game software, which literally does all the selection work for you, was upgraded a number of times, with some surprising results. I just needed to let the last version have a good run before finalising this review.

Although the software is ready to use by 3am, I scanned the tips in at 5am, noted their price on Betfair, then repeated the process at 10am, deleting any that were too high.

For the first 45 days the software was selecting anything from two to 10 tips, some of which fell by the wayside due to the nag being pricey or a non-runner (this was the case throughout the review). In that time there were 244 tips that ran, at prices below 5.1, with only 37 losses, making a profit of 125.5 points. The peak, however, came earlier on Day 38 when the profit was 235.35 points, an average daily profit of 6.19 points. Then there was an upgrade…

What the upgrade did was cut down the number of final selections and for the next 45 days the final daily tips only went above two on five occasions. This time there were 74 tips and 18 losses, resulting in an overall profit of 199 points, but only 73.5 points on the second period.

During this period there was another upgrade, but myself and many others were not informed, resulting in new purchasers of the product blogging that they were scanning way more tips. I contacted Steve Davidson, the author, who sent me the link and we were back on track.

The software title has always been called The Laying Game, UK, but following the first upgrade an overlay was imprinted on the title: NEW 2012. The final version certainly gave us more selections, but many of the race meetings scanning across the top of the box were far from UK. Irish racing was now being selected on a regular basis, but although South African, French and USA races were being scanned, none of the latter turned up on the final list.

The final lap of the review was far from auspicious. The last 17 days produced 75 final selections, one more than the last 45-day period, but 24 losses, six more than the last period. This finalised the review profit at 148.54 points, 86.71 points less than when it peaked, but still not to be sniffed at. Any system that can produce a daily average of around two points and an 80% strike rate has merits, but it does involve quite a bit of work to get there.

Simple as the selections are to scan, they still have to be processed, layed (with currently an outlay averaging between 20 and 30 points), but for the cost of £29.99 for the year, it’s a bargain.

The Laying Game

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Sergeant John Reviews The Laying Game