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 Day 56  May 22nd

Hi Bloggers

A hectic day with 17 selections, 7 x Back All and 10 Being Selective (3 x 1 pt, 7 x 2 pts), the result was 3  winners, 1 Back All and 2 Being Selective at 1 point each on top of this we had 3 x R/F (Exotic) which lost ,the final total ended with a minus on the day. this is the end of the 56 day trial, my P/L seems to be alot lower than advertised on the members page, also R/F’s were sometimetimes mentioned and sometimes not, i followed the system rules on this one if you have between 2 to 4 Being Selective selections in the same race you cover them in forecasts. All in all a very disappointing trial especially the Being Selective part, this system like 1000 Point one  i reviewed a while ago,  require big priced winners to make its profit and when they do not appear they suffer. I have alot of number crunching to do with this one especially given the large amount of selections,  i shall post the Final Review as soon as i can.

Back All 7 Selections/ 1 winner at 4.50 BFSP/4.33

Being Selective 10 Selection(3 x 1pt, 2 x 3 pts)/2 Winner(1pt) 3.82, 12.13 BFSP/ 4.00, 11.00 ISP                                                                                                       

Exotic Bets  3 x R/F/Lost

Back All Selections (ISP)

     P/L on the Day = minus 2.67 points 

     Running Bank after Day 56 =  49.10 points (100 points Starting Bank)

     Back All Selections (BFSP) 

     P/L on the Day = minus 2.68 points 

    Running Bank after Day 56 = 65.02 points (100 points Starting Bank)

     Being Selective (ISP)

     P/L on the Day = minus 2.00 points

      Running Bank after Day 56 = 88.23 points (100 points Starting Bank)

     Being Selective (BFSP)

       P/L on the Day = minus 1.75 points

     Running Bank after Day 56 = 104.12 points (100 points Starting Bank)

    Exotic Bets (Forecasts):

     P/L on the Day = minus 6 points

     Running Bank after Day 56 (CSF) = 84.07 points (100 points Starting Bank)

     Running Bank after Day 56  (Exacta) = 64.10 points (100 points Starting Bank)


                                        Best Regards

                                           Sgt Dave

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