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Hi Bloggers

     Well after 56 days of reviewing The Specialist, just one area was making a very small profit so I decided to monitor results for another week now I can say that the decision to fail this system/service is justified. The results of the last week if taken into consideration would have meant that the area that was making a little profit is now running at minus 10 points and another 22 points would have been deducted from the Exotic bets.

     For the first eight days of the review The Specialist was showing an overall profit of just over 17 points this was thanks to the Back All Selections, by the end of the review it was showing a loss of 30.86 points these are at BFSP, and if you add the Exotic Bets to this, that figure would have been minus 46.79 points. Now if you took results at ISP things would have been worse showing for all 3 staking systems a loss of 78.60 points, and if you take in the price of 149 pounds that SWP is asking for this system you  can see why this is a clear failure. So how do the figures compare with the sales page showing last years results the answer is they don’t lets have a look below:

    Backing all system selections (2009)
1539 bets producing 392 winners 25% strike rate
Over 380 points to industry SP and over 920 BFSP           

 Backing all system selections

BST Review Period March 27th to May 22nd 2010 

331 bets producing 67 winners 20.24% strike rate
minus 62.76 points to industry SP and minus 30.05 BFSP

Not pretty is it in addition to this the sales page showed Exotic Bets making an additional 298 points, what did the review manage minus 15.93 points for CSF and Exacta was a lot worse with a minus 35.90 points. Now I had high hopes of the Being Selective part, I calculated that it had a 44.54% strike rate last year, how did I do 24.81% now that’s a very big difference so I am very disappointed with this particular section.

Now for last year’s results of Being Selective this is using the 1 and 2 point staking plan:

450 points profit ISP and over 600 points to BFSP from just 483 bets

Review figure:

 Minus 11.77 points to ISP and 4.12 points profit to BFSP from 133 bets.

Now to get that figure of plus 4.12 points profit you would have had to stake 200 points this gives you an ROI of 2.06 % you might as well stick the money in the bank.

In conclusion the system relies heavily on getting some long priced winners when they do not occur it struggles. You are expected at times to back 5 or 6 selections in the same race and one of these is a short priced favourite, and for most of my review the low odds won what chance does it has of making any money?, it is just hoping that the outsiders will win. So this is just another SWP product that does not live up to all the hype, maybe it will hit some big odds winners in the forthcoming months but do you want take that chance that it might be lucky, I know I don’t and certainly not at the price of the product. So yet another one for the Jailed and Failed section, open the cell door!


Sgt Dave