The Sports Investor – Weekly Review Days 73 to 79 

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               Better than last week but still a losing week but only slightly on the morning Betfair prices but BFSP lost out on 3 winning lays because of being over 4.00 and took a bigger hit.  It really has gone all wrong for the service in the last few weeks especially on BFSP  and of course at a crucial stage as the review draws to a close with just 5 days left. Anyway i shall be doing a five day week review on Tuesday next week followed by my final review posting shortly after.

Morning Betfair Prices:

 Results for April 29th  to May 5th= 7 selections/5 winning lays =  71.43% S/R

 P/L for April 29th to May 5th=  minus 4.75 points

Selections from February  16th to May 5th = 74 Selections/52  winning Lays = 70.27% S/R

 Running Bank after Day 79 = 108.22 points (100 points starting bank)



Results for April 29th to May 5th =4 selections/2 winning lays =  50% S/R

 P/L for April 29th to May 5th= minus 14.30 points

 Selections from February  16th to May 5th= 58 Selections/38 winning Lays = 65.36% S/R

 Running Bank  after Day 79 =  105.70points (100 points starting bank)

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