Three Key Football Introduction

1st March 2014


Sgt Jon Introduces Three Key Football 

Good day, Sgt Jon back with another review following a 16 month absence! Previously I have reviewed several horse racing and football systems for BST and have known James Fitzmaurice on line for around six years, so if you want honest and impartial advice about betting systems you’ve come to the right place! My preference nowadays is football betting and so I’m very pleased to be reviewing Three Keys Football which on reading the e-manual is really a STRATEGY rather than a system as the user self selects matches based on certain criteria.

Of course this means different users will make different selections and get different results although the author does give advice and guidance on how to decide which of, say, two or three matches that meet the criteria is the better selection so you don’t need to have an in depth knowledge about football to use the strategy although some previous experience will probably help fine tune your selections more easily.  


Promoted by Steve Davidson on behalf of the author Dennis and released in February 2014. Historic results show a 47% strike rate since January 2013 and healthy profits for all three staking plans in that period.


Three Keys Football involves backing favourites in doubles and trebles that meet certain price criteria and recommends the use of a particular football stats site to identify qualifying matches and then Oddschecker to select the best price available from bookmakers or exchanges. You will therefore need to have several bookmaker accounts to get the best returns and early prices may be better than shortly before kick off.

The e-manual is clearly set out with several examples of how to select matches and check the required price criteria.  Additionally, the author urges caution with cup matches (which I agree can often be unpredictable) and absolutely no friendlies.


An investment of £69.97 via Paypal which is non refundable as clearly stated on the sales page.

System Requirements

Three Keys Football is delivered as an e-manual in an exe file and will only operate on a windows platform (again this is clearly stated on the sales page before purchase).

Staking Plan

There are three recommended staking plans depending on your personal comfort zone.

Plan A – Straight forward level stakes

Plan B – Set Progressive Staking where you increase the stake after a losing bet to recover losses with a stop after two successive losses and then revert to the original stake

 Plan C – Increasing Progressive Staking which is the same as Plan B with the added refinement of increasing your stake by a set amount (10% recommended) after a winning bet

 Betting Bank

Plan A – 30 points recommended

Plans B and C – 50 points recommended

For the purpose of the review I will use three separate banks of 50 points for each of the three staking plans and record profit and loss for each

 Review Updates

Whilst the author states that Three Keys Football may be applied to any matches in any league year round, I will focus on the main European and South American leagues and will look for selections both midweek and at weekends posting updates on a week to week basis. The first update will be for the week ending 1st/2nd March 2014.

 I will select matches mid morning and will use the best price from Oddschecker at that time to record profit and loss. I will show the selected bookmaker and price available for each bet but will not identify the matches selected to protect the integrity of the strategy. However I will keep a separate record of bets placed for BST management.

We will conduct the review for a 12 week period.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Three Key Football]


Sgt Jon Introduces Three Key Football