Top Rated Bets Days 41 & 42

6th January 2014


Sgt Colin Reviews Top Rated Bets

Still in the red, but a decent start to the New Year – could it be kept going?

E-mails were received in plenty of time, and I’m monitoring  the performance of the tips in 2 ways – as a 2 point win bet (unless advised differently), and as a 1 point each way bet, starting with 150 points as the bank. 

5th January – 2 selections, one nowhere, and another (at 8-1) beaten into 2nd place. 1 point lost each way, 4 points lost on the win bet.

6th January – 2 selections,  a 3-1 winner & a 2nd place @ 7-4. 4 points gained on the win bets, 3.19 each way.

Bank 1:  Win bets

Start Bank 150 points, 161 points staked,6.38 points lost   Closing bank 143.6. ROI -6%

Bank 2: Each way

Start Bank 150 points, 164 points staked, 1.75 points gained  Closing Bank 151.8 ROI 1%

Hit rate: Wins 22% Place 56%.

So into the black on the each way bets – still needing a couple of winning weeks to move the win bets into positive territory.

Thank you for your time 

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Sgt Colin Reviews Top Rated Bets