Triple H Horseracing – Days 57 to 63

25th March

Hi, Sgt Colin here, with the results from the ninth week’s results for Triple H Horseracing. This is the first week of the extended trial period.

I  monitor two separate sets of results – referred to as Versions 1 & 2 – resulting from different classes of handicap race, and the use of both level staking and a recommended staking plan for each.

As mentioned in the introduction, this is not a service which you can bet on using Betfair or Starting Prices, so you might need to be at the computer and make the bet as soon as the selection is received, otherwise the advised odds will probably shorten. I highlight where we have winners where the odds I could achieve were below those advised, and keep a separate record. That isn’t to say that the advised odds were unobtainable – just that I wasn’t able to monitor the odds immediately.

We were sitting very pretty after 8 weeks, with very large gains and high ROIs. How did week 9 turn out?

Day 57 , 19th March

One bet today, at 25-1. Not placed.

Days 58 – 59,  20th, 21st March

No bets

Day 60 22nd March

3 selections in the same race, again neither placed.

Level stakes -4 points, Staking Plan -12 points

Days 61 to 63 23rd – 25th March

No selections

One of those boring weeks then, with few selections, and moderate losses

Version 1              Version 2

Staking Plan (Original Bank 300 points)

Opening Balance                                             517.4                      453.5

Loss @ recommended odds                             (14.0)                      (14.0)

Closing Balance                                               503.4                      439.5

ROI%                                                                  34 %                         40%

Level Stakes (Original Bank 100 points)

Opening Balance                                            153.75                           153.4

Loss  @ recommended odds                              (6.0)                             (6.0)

Closing Balance                                              147.75                         147.4

ROI%                                                                   23%                           38%

Despite a rather slow couple of weeks, the results remain very strong. We will be continuing for the full 12 week trial.

I am on holiday for the next 2 weeks so will not be able to monitor the results as they happen. I will however be able to report on the results at recommended odds from now until my return in mid April.

Good luck until then

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Sgt Colin monitors Triple H Horseracing