25th April 2011

Turf Wars

Admin Gordon-Introduces Turf Wars

Hello everyone,

Today I am introducing  Turf Wars, a Football selection service from a lady called Lisa Powell.

Turf Wars is supported and managed by Betfan, so we can expect the usual high level of customer support, we also hope we can expect profits!

So how does Turf Wars operate?  Well Lisa recommends a starting bank of 100pts, and it appears that everyday she will normally give 3 bets, as follows:

Platinum Bet    10 pts stake

Gold Bet             8 pts stake

Silver Bet           6 pts stake

A total of 24 pts staked each day.

Lisa also gives the name of the bookmaker and the odds that should be available in the daily email.

Selections for Turf Wars are also available from the members area, and full results are also available on the Betfan website.

I have been receiving the daily selections email for a few days now, and the official review will start from Monday the 25th April, so I will post with the first couple of days results later.

The review will last initially for a minimum of 56 “betting” days, and if looking good at that point it will be extended to 84 ” betting” days.

Results for Turf Wars will be quoted as per the recommended staking plan, as well as our normal 1 pt level stakes.

As the review progresses, should anyone wish to subscribe via the link on our site, you will find you can get a free 5 day trial, which is being offered by Betfan exclusively to our readers.


Admin Gordon

[Click here to see Turf Wars]

Admin Gordon-Introduces Turf Wars