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tyche windfall


As you can see the 12 month trial of Tyche Windfall ended with a steady profit of £2028 with an original start bank of £2000. Or 200 points, with 1 point being a £10 bet.

£100 bets (10 point stakes) are advised with Tyche Windfall on each selection and not once was that bank ever under serious threat in the whole 12 months. Were looking at one point with the bank at -£650 which was very comfortable when you see that this has been a 12 month outlook. So how does that relate points wise? Well We start with a bank of 200 points risking 10 points (5%) of the bank on each bet. Now although we could work this out to 1 point stakes and not the 10 point stakes advised this would not be doing the system  justice. In the 12 months this is what was advised. We had a similar situation with soccerovers recently. We cannot change rules if the Tyche Windfall service proves profitable results following their advice just as we cannot change the rules if the service fails folllowing its advice.

So Tyche windfall comfortable turned a £2000 bank into £4028 which is roughly a profit of 203 points profit in 12 months. 201.5% ROI

The easiest way to work this out to see how well you would have done in the last 12 months is take your starting bank (CAPITAL) and multiply this by 201.5%.

If you had bought the Tyche Windfall system without the monthly selection service where they are done for you each day this would have had an initial cost of £99. If you opted to buy the ebook and then pay the monthly charge of £29 to receive the selections this would have cost you £447 in total over 12 months but as the ebook is available to purchase we base the final review on this fact.

The minimum bank (Starting CAPITAL) you would have needed to break even would be £100. If your starting bank is more than £100 you will be making a profit with Tyche Windfall.

On the other hand if you did opt for the daily tips over 12 months a £450 start bank would have been needed to break even, this is just out of interest for punters requiring the tips to be sent.


tyche windfall

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 Performance & Summary

  • Tyche Windfall had 270 bets in 12 months.
  • Out of 270 bets 92 were winning bets with a strike rate of 34.07% Strike rate.
  • There is an average BFSP of 4.11 and remember this is backing winners on betfair!

Overall this service in my opinion is your bread and butter backing service and there is not many backing services in internet cyber space that produce a profit no matter which way you look at it. 2010 has in the history of Tyche Windfall been its worst year to date and Dave expects things to return to “normal” in 2011.  Based on the fact that results have not been in line with past performance I cannot award the service any higher than 2.5 stars but it has passed our review.

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