Hi Bloggers,

Just to give a brief intro to the new system I will be reviewing over the next few

weeks.  Just got the info from James last night so I will try and be as concise as


This is basically a ‘trading in running’ system where 2 selections from every  race

in the UK and Ireland are given out before the start of racing each day. These

selections are then backed before the race starts and then layed ‘in running’ to

secure an overall profit no matter which horse wins the race.  Now this can be done

either manually (which the author highly recommends) or by using the ‘Betting

Assistant’ (auto trading software) which you can trial free for 60 days and then pay

only 6 GBP a month for thereafter.  This software is combined with an excel

spreadsheet which is provided every day by the author on the website.  Very clear

instructions are given as how to combine the ‘bot’ with the spreadsheet to fully

automate your trading day. (Even I understood how to use it!)  You can also

manually change certain settings on the spreadsheet to suit your style of betting,

eg, stake size,  time of backing and laying selection, stop loss/profit and how much %

of profit you want to ‘lock in’ with your trade.  The spreadsheet comes with

recommended settings automatically loaded so you can watch how these perform

and play around with the settings as you see fit.

The key point to note here is that the selections given are ‘expected’ to reduce

greatly in price while ‘in running’,  hence the recommendation to trade manually

as stated earlier. Of course this will take some degree of ‘feel’ for how the selections

are doing in the race itself and the author himself recommends starting with very

small stakes (as low as 20p) just to get the hang of things.

For this particular trial I will be reporting 2 sets of results on all selections.

I will report on ‘win only’ where the selections are not traded but just left to run.

I will also report the results for the ‘traded profit’ shown on the site and James has

informed me that he has consistently made 25% of that figure (manually trading)

over the last 7 days, so this is the figure I will use also.

So bloggers,  let us begin the great trading adventure and see where it leads us, I

hope to some long awaited success for us all!

all the best, Tommy.