UK Racing Lays Day 42

28th September 2013


Sgt Adrianc – Reviews UK Racing Lays System



Rules are very simple to follow for the system. There are only 2 rules to follow –  
1. We do not bet if the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) of any advised bet is over the odds of 8.00. 
2. We do not bet if the total number of runners is less than 6. 
We personally use a betting bot. Any decent bot will support the above 2 criteria. If you do not use a bot, you can still limit the BSP to 8.00 on the Betfair website. If you bet closer to the start time of the race you can monitor the number of the horses.  



Betting Bank   
We strongly recommend a 50 point bank. 

1 Point = £100 lay and I laid on an account with 5% commission on a win.  I had set aside 50000 to try this system

(I was away from my desk and I could not bet much today anyhow)

15:05 Chester Tajheez, odds too high
15:20 Market Rasen Brimham Boy odds too high
17:15 Haydock Jonny Delta odds too high
17:35 Newmarket Marju’s Quest odds too high
18:30 Wolverhampton Goal -£250
20:30 Wolverhampton Orpsie Boy +95


Today I lost £155


 Cummulative P/L  -£1,320(Loss)** 


Totals so far

Horse WON 20

Horse did not win and lay bet won 66

No bets 51

strike rate 76.7%

Longest period without a loss (tipped horse did not win) = 6 days (1 time), where 2 days were no bet days

Longest losing run = 1 only


 ** Comments from previous posts indicated that I could have avoided some major losses if I were able to place my bets closer to race time and no in-play bets.  This amounts to £1675, which happened in week 3


Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Adrianc Reviews UK Racing Lays