Win and Place Investment Plan – Introduction

Hi Constables

I’ll be starting to review this Plan from Steve James (published by later today.

The sales page says it has increased a betting bank of £120 to over £6,000, since the start of 2010, and it produces the results for that period here: [Results] It should be noted that this increase uses a staking plan of increasing stakes by one point every time the bank has increased by the size of the original bank. This relatively aggressive staking plan is justified by the high success rate (75%). The results printed are for Staking Plan #2. Also it states the prices are Betfair prices, but the profit column does not take into account Betfair commission. Nevertheless taking 5% off the profit each time still shows an impressive increasing bank.

When you buy the plan for £95 you get a Word ducument outlining the selection system and three suggested staking plans. I will report the progress of each staking plan and compare them to level stakes.

With the purchase you also get access to three months tipping service. This is useful, because although you can find the selections yourself using the steps outlined in the Word document, phoning in or visiting the forum where the selections are advised will give you confidence that you are applying the selection criteria correctly. Also to work through the selection criteria yourself, you need to have access to either the printed copy of Racing Post or the online subscription copy of the Racing Post. (The free online Racing Post will not give you all the data you need).

The online subscription to Racing Post is £17 per month or, if you prefer, you can continue with the tipping service after the first free three months, for £30 per month.

The selection procedure follows 7 easy rules and is well explained. My only gripe is that rule 6 says that “discretion” may be applied to back a horse even if it doesn’t fully meet rule 6 criteria. I don’t know if any of the reported results or the future advised tips include any of these discretionary selections, which adds a slight element of vagueness to the results. I’ll try to report how many of these crop up. So that’s another reason to follow the tipping service. For the purposes of this review we will follow the telephone/forum tips.

The 75% win rate is backed up by 92.4% of selections either winning or being placed. The results I will track will all be to Betfair SP with 5% deduction from profits.

Staking Plan #1 needs a recommended 32 point bank.

Staking Plan #2 needs a recommended 12 point bank for the win only bets. It needs a 6 point bank for place only bets.

Staking Plan #3 needs a recommended 42 point bank

For Level Stakes tracking I’ll start with a bank of 100 points with 1 point stakes.

Sgt Rich

[Click Here to see the sales page for the Win and Place Investment Plan …]