Win King Review Day 88

9th April 2017
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Sgt Frog – Reviews Win King

Ok here is the results for today’s racing 9th April 2017.

4 bets with results => 1 wins and 3 loses. Which give us -2.86 profit
Bankroll: 388.83
09 Apr 2017 14:45Ffos LasBaraza2.003SkyBetLose-3
09 Apr 2017 15:35Market RasenContre Tous2.383BetfairWin+4.14
09 Apr 2017 16:20TramoreJust Get Cracking4.003BetfredLose-3
09 Apr 2017 16:45Market RasenFly Home Harry3.251Bet365Lose-1
Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Regards, Sgt Frog

Sgt Frog Reviews Win King