Win Master Pro

28 September 2012

Hi Bloggers

Another no bet day. The membership website that records results and daily profit has still not been updated since 2nd September and I have posted a message on the blog to see if it gets any reaction. If not, then I propose to stop the review as we have now had 76 betting days and both the level stakes and original staking plan banks are highly unlikely to break even, let alone make a profit, from the remaining 8 betting days required to bring the review to the usual 84 days.

I have to say I am very disappointed with both the performance of Win Master Pro and what appears to be an abandoned membership website. Also the change to the much heralded staking plan without amending the profit claims on the sales website smacks of deception and has severely damaged my trust in the authors.

Red Races Opening Bank: £500

Level stakes: £50 per bet / Staking Plan is % of bank increase in stake after losing bet

Strike Rate: 46% (64/138)

Level Stakes P/L for today:   No bets          Staking Plan P/L for today:  No bets

Level Stakes Closing Bank:   + £294.28     Staking Plan Closing Bank:  + £126.95

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Sgt Jon