February 1st

Despite problems during the review of The Wizard of Odds, ultimately it has failed the test.

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Hi Blogger’s

This is Review Manager Dave apologies for the lateness of the Final Review for The Wizard of Odds unfortunately the Sergeant conducting this review along with several others fell ill in December and did not bother to return, and did not reply to any of management’s e-mails either. I have had the task of sorting through these and on some have noticed errors as you can appreciate that checking through 84 days of results on several reviews is not a bundle of laughs.   Now before we start the there was 5 horses  that are not shown on the SWP results page, 3 of these were winners and 2 were losers so a total of 2.06 points is being deducted from the level stakes profit of 2.65 points shown on Day 84. So after 84 days of reviewing The Wizard of Odds we are left with a profit of just 0.59 points. So let’s see some quick stats based on the previous reviewers postings:

Selections 77/ 40 winners = Strike Rate 51.94%

Profit 0.59 points Level Stakes = ROI of 0.766%

If that is the best it can do you would be better of putting your money in the bank now let’s compare this with the websites sales page:

Selections 107/ 76 winners = Strike Rate 71.02%

Profit 39.272 points Level Stakes = ROI of 36.702%

Now the period on the sales page covered the 14th April to 23rd July this has not been changed although you can download the full results. Now the former reviewer seemed to have missed a few selections because the results on the website showed the following for the same period as the review:

Selections 85/ 45 winners = Strike Rate 52.94%

Profit minus 5.49 points = ROI of minus 6.459%

So that is worse, either way The Wizard of Odds is a Jailed and Failed, apart from spending 95 pounds you would need to buy the Racing Post everyday apart from Sunday (No Bets on that day) or subscribe to the basic online RP, if you did not want the hassle of picking your own selections you could spend 40 pounds a month for the tipster line.

In conclusion for the period of the review for The Wizard of Odds there were not enough winners, prices were too short and if you had used the staking plan you would have had even bigger losses. Actually this review could have been stopped at Day 56 it would have been down 4.39 points and well over 30 points out on the Staking Plan. Unfortunately based on the review period where we did have sufficient selections to judge its worth The Wizard of Odds is a failed.


RM Dave- Reviews The Wizard of Odds