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Lay Betting Code Final Review

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13th August 2015

Lay Betting Code

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Sgt Craig – Reviews Lay Betting Code

Lay Betting Code is a horse racing lay service. The selections are emailed out at around 11:30 and it’s then simply a case of placing the bets and specifying maximum odds.

Lay Betting Code wil soon be open for new members. John has been in touch with us and asked us to promote his FREE laying report which we have been more than happy to do.

In the review period

Total number of qualifying selections – 488
Number of winning bets – 431
Number of losing bets – 57
Strike rate – 88.32%

Starting bank of 100 points

Final banks:
Level stakes: 189.12 (+89.12)
5% liability: 170.97 (+70.97)

Points staked – level stakes: 488
ROI: 18.26%
Points staked – 5% liability: 596.41
ROI: 11.90%

Longest losing run: 3
Longest winning run: 29

To recover the service cost (3 months) you would have needed to use just under £1 stakes during the trial period.


The service couldn’t be simpler to operate. There was selections most days although I did end up with a couple of days with no qualifiers where either the selection was a non runner or was above the maximum odds.


The 18.26% ROI over the review period was impressive. The strike rate was in line with the author’s expectations.

Rating: ★★★★½

Ease of use

It’s very easy to use. The email arrived promptly each day and it’s simply a case of placing the bet specifying maximum odds of 14.00. If using 5% liability you would need to reset your liability daily otherwise you would need to follow the racing live. We have put John in contact with sporting bots and there is word that he may be offering an auto bet placement service via a bot.

Rating: ★★★★★


I experienced very little risk to the bank, flat stakes are used and the likelihood of long losing runs seems very low.

Rating: ★★★★½

Return on investment

As mentioned, the ROI over the review period was 18.26%, which is very good for such a low risk service.

Rating: ★★★★★

Support and documentation

For 11 weeks of the review John didn’t have a website or members area. I am now told that the service is delivered by email with a members area for backup in case the email gets lost the selections are available within. There is also the option of a bot now once you have become a member of the tips service. I only had to contact John once after the trial started but got a very prompt reply and he was always helpful and considerate to my needs.

Rating: ★★★★★

Time needed to apply the system

Very little time is needed to read the email and place your bets. You can place your bets anytime between receiving the email at 11:30 and the start of racing if you can’t place them straight away.

Rating: ★★★★★


A simple, easy to use service that delivered results shown previously by the author during the review period. The author’s results over a much longer period suggest a good consistent long term ROI can be achieved with Lay Betting Code.

Our Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Lay Betting Code is only the 4th ever service/system in 8 years to get the 5 star award. We will continue to monitor the service on an ongoing basis and will of course re-score Johns service in the future if needed.

We will be re-reviewing the 5 star rating again in March 2016 based on the results in Area 51/Tipster Index.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

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Sgt Craig Reviews Lay Betting Code


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Passed 4.5/5 Stars


Little Acorns Review Updated For December 2015

Little Acorns

Only Our 2nd EVER 5 Stars and Highly Recommended Product!  icon lol All By The Book Review

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5stars All By The Book Review5stars All By The Book Final Review
Little Acorns
is a low-liability laying formula that uses low stakes to grow bigger banks and be in the position of being confident to increase your stakes as the bank increases.

The system has been developed by Andrew David, who is confident that your betting balance will increase between seven and 35 times each month, without exposing yourself to high liabilities.

It was a pretty major decision to do this but over 6 years we decided that Little Acorns was worthy of only our 2nd 5 Star Rating on BST. It is very hard to achieve this ranking and i often wondered over the years whether it would be a backing system or a laying system that achieved 5 star status next to All By The Book. Obviously since Little Acorns was given this accolade Zero Risk Trader has also achieved 5 star status and sits with Little Acorns and All By The Book. The difference however is that All By The Book & Zero Risk Trader are systems that are guaranteed to work all year round as it relies on flaws in the betting world and is not dependant on the user. Where as Little Acorns relies on its method staying profitable and is straight bets. This means that in 6 years Little Acorns is (as of April 2014) the only straight betting product that is highly recommended.

I have watched and admired this service since it was released and year on year it makes a profit which is very difficult to do.

For an out and out laying service i haven’t seen one better in all my time on line reviewing systems and services.

If you did not know, Little Acorns is a low-liability laying formula that uses low stakes to grow bigger banks and be in the position of being confident to increase your stakes as the bank increases.

The system has been developed by Andrew David, who is confident that your betting balance will increase between seven and 35 times each month, without exposing yourself to high liabilities.

Andrew has said that anyone who purchases through the link below will get access to his Bonus Place Lay system (which is a fantastic bonus) if you ask him for it after purchase. Alex who left a testimonial below the results describes it as phenomenal!

[Little Acorns Click Here For Sales Page]

The Live Review Results Recorded On This Blog :)
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Opens in new window Page 29 read from bottom to top…

Our Live Review Results;

Wherever possible we try to monitor our 5* products indefinitely. These products will be updated as often as we can manage. We have had a custom built bot made which we take the figures from and verify them with the product vendor. This is so that we can be sure Little Acorns deserves to remain a 5 Star product for our readers.

The Results since the start of our review in October 2012 are as follows;

MAY 17TH 2012 TO OCTOBER 31ST 2012 =  +34.19 (includes 2 small losing months)
NOVEMBER: 2012 = +8.20
DECEMBER: 2012 = +7.70
JANUARY: 2013 = +9.80
FEBRUARY: 2013 = +7.15
MARCH:  2013 = +11.10
APRIL: 2013 = +12.55
MAY: 2013 = -5.90
JUNE: 2013 = +15.20
JULY: 2013 = +17.40
AUGUST: 2013 =  +16.70
SEPTEMBER: 2013 = +19.50
OCTOBER: 2013 = +10.80
NOVEMBER: 2013 = +3.33
DECEMBER: 2013 = +11.11
JANUARY: 2014 = +6.68
FEBRUARY: 2014 = +14.65
MARCH: 2014 = +11.10
APRIL: 2014 = +2.33
MAY: 2014 = +7.20
JUNE: 2014 = +11.77
JULY: 2014 = +13.30
AUGUST: 2014 = +7.73
SEPTEMBER: 2014 = +8.85
OCTOBER: 2014 = +8.08
NOVEMBER: 2014 = +10.90
DECEMBER: 2014 = +15.20
JANUARY: 2015 = +11.25
FEBRUARY: 2015 = +13.25
MARCH: 2015 = +13.22
APRIL: 2015 = +2.00
MAY: 2015 = +13.10
JUNE: 2015 = -3.790
JULY: 2015 = +9.20
AUGUST: 2015 = +9.90
SEPTEMBER: 2015 = +14.10
OCTOBER: 2015 = +8.87
NOVEMBER: 2015 = +12.60
DECEMBER: 2015 = +7.90

43 Months Total Is +407.31 Points Profit! [FULLY PROOFED! :-D]
Only 4 losing months too in 43 months…

The Results Using Two Steps Back Staking Plan

We have also been following the system using an alternative staking plan called Two Steps Back that is now included with the system. We’ve been following it since February and it has been outperforming the original staking plan.

FEBRUARY: 2014 = +18.11
MARCH: 2014 = +15.99

APRIL: 2014 = +12.35
MAY: 2014 = +13.10
JUNE: 2014 = +15.90
JULY: 2014 = +16.45
AUGUST: 2014 = +11.12
SEPTEMBER: 2014 = -1.57
OCTOBER: 2014 = +13.33
NOVEMBER: 2014 = +13.90
DECEMBER: 2014 = +18.24
JANUARY: 2015 = +16.00
FEBRUARY: 2015 = +15.75
MARCH: 2015 = +15.72
APRIL: 2015 = +2.75
MAY: 2015 = +16.60
JUNE: 2015 = +0.00
JULY: 2015 = +10.56
AUGUST: 2015 = +12.00
SEPTEMBER: 2015 = +17.61
OCTOBER: 2015 = +11.11
NOVEMBER: 2015 = +15.15
DECEMBER: 2015 = +15.15

23 Months Total Is +292.12 Points Profit (compared to +221.80 Points Profit in same period using original staking plan)
Only 1 losing month in 23 months…

Bonus Place Lay Results

Some buyers were also able to claim a bonus system which is a Place Lay System. So here are the last results.

MARCH: 2014 = +18.23
APRIL: 2014 = +22.15
MAY: 2014 = +42.05
JUNE: 2014 = +7.95
JULY: 2014 = +14.40
AUGUST: 2014 = +29.30
SEPTEMBER: 2014 = +12.10
OCTOBER: 2014 = +19.90
NOVEMBER: 2014 = +11.90
DECEMBER: 2014 = +16.30
JANUARY: 2015 = -6.60
FEBRUARY: 2015 = +18.70
MARCH: 2015 = +7.90
APRIL: 2015 = +5.40
MAY: 2015 = +18.55
JUNE: 2015 = +11.10
JULY: 2015 = +16.25
AUGUST: 2015 = +15.20
SEPTEMBER: 2015 = +15.60
OCTOBER: 2015 = +9.31
NOVEMBER: 2015 = +11.90
DECEMBER: 2015 = +17.05

22 Months Total Is +334.64 Points Profit
Only 1 losing month in 22 months…


Testimonial from some of our most recent readers;

Just a quick update. Don’t get me wrong, the original little acorns strategy is fine and proving a nice slow burner to date. But the place laying strategy currently seems to be absolutely phenomenal.

Really looking forward to seeing how this pans out in the longer run because January 2014 and December 2013 have both been very profitable.

PS Still going strong on Football Bankbuilder. With discipline I don’t see how these systems can fail in the long run (but I suppose you already know that). Really suits my preferred approach as well.



I have been very fortunate to join Little Acorns at a highly profitable time. Since starting on September 9th I’ve had 19 winning bets and 9 losing bets. I understand that you are willing to supply a few additional “tweaks” and pieces of advice about optimum use of the system and would be grateful to receive them. Also, I would welcome any advice about using a bot for Little Acorns.

David M

[Little Acorns Click Here For Sales Page]

Little acorns is an absolutely marvellous system,  It works because it has the percentages on its side. Many people find little acorns a refreshing change as it makes money for longer than a year, where as most fall off the radar quite quickly once purchased. Little acorns has proven to be a long term winner as it takes advantage of the unreliability of horse racing which as we all know is one thing that is certain.

Little Acorns has been upgraded to 5 Stars and will remain a champion amongst its competitors.

I think this system is an ideal addition to the portfolio of any serious punter and comes with our highest recommendation here at BST. 

[I Advise All Readers To Get Little Acorns Here]



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Passed 4.5/5 Stars


Draw Day Demolition Final Review

14th September 2015

Draw Day Demolition


Sgt Short Reviews Draw Day Demolition

Hello everybody, apologies for keeping you waiting for this one. Let’s start as usual by reminding ourselves where we started.

Here is the introduction again, as you may remember it came in several installments.

Hello and welcome to my latest review. This comes to us from the same team that brought us Soccer Streaks, which I enjoyed, so I am looking forward to seeing how this one fares.

The basic premise is simple, they email us every day with selected football matches that they believe will not end in a draw. We use this information to make money by

  • Backing either team to win in the double chance market.
  • Dutching both teams to win in the match odds market.
  • Laying the draw on a betting exchange.

They say that a strike rate of 77% is required to make a profit, and they have been doing much better than that. The initial testing was done from November 2014 to January 2015 and in that time they made £1,740 profit, although this was to £100 stakes. There will be around 10 to 20 selections per week.

There is all kinds of good advice on staking and options available to you when you join to help make the most of the selections. Those of you who are familiar with trading will know that Laying The Draw is probably the first strategy there was, and there are numerous variations on the theme. Also we do not necessarily have to dutch the two teams for equal amounts, we may decide to weight it towards the favourite or the underdog. I may well be trying some of these things, but for reporting purposes I will have to keep it simple, with a flat stake on the double chance. Whatever size of bank you decide to start with it is recommended that you don’t bet more than 10% on any bet.

The service started on 6 February with a free trial, which ended on Sunday 15th, so we will start our trial from Monday 16th, reporting weekly. The cost of the service is £24.99 plus VAT per month, so £29.99 for most of us. There is an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.


We are only 5 days into the trial, and 5 of the 12 selections have been draws. This has prompted a rapid change of direction for the DDD team, and the following message was sent out to subscribers on 20 February:

As you know, DDD is a new service that we recently launched and have had very high hopes for. However, the results so far have simply not met the mark and we are not afraid to admit it. We have decided to make some much needed changes to ensure that you do not have to continue enduring losing selections.

 We studied our vast historical statistics and spotted another opportunity, which although similar to DDD’s approach, is slightly different, equally flexible, less risky, and more likely to generate the profits we were hoping for.

 We will continue to email you our selections over the next couple of weeks as a ‘new’ trial. We appreciate these changes may come as a surprise, but we have enough integrity to admit when something isn’t going to plan and would much rather quickly react to fix it, rather than drag our highly valued members through the mud. Apologies for the inconvenience and we hope you are as excited about these changes as we are. 

Here are the highlights of the DDD Extreme Makeover:

  • Average odds of our selections will range from around 1.4 to 1.7 (DNB market)
  • Our selections will focus on the draw-no-bet market
  • Our selections will mostly favour an away victory (with the safety net of a draw)
  • Our service will remain flexible as you can choose to place your bets in any of the following ways:
    • ​Back an away victory in the draw no bet market (bet refunded if match ends in a draw)
    • Back an away victory or a draw in the double chance market (X2)
    • Dutch an away victory and a draw
    • Lay the home win (on betting exchanges

We will therefore forget the past couple of weeks and start on the new & improved service today.



On 22 February the selections email contained some new advice

The selections below are matches we believe will end in an away win or a draw. Based on some suggestions from members and based on today’s results, we have added one more betting method below (back the draw).

DDD Selections – 22 February, 2015 (kick-off in UK time):

  • GERMANY Oberliga Niederrhein – 14:00 – Baumberg v Duisburg II (Latest Odds)​
  • AUSTRIA Tipico Bundesliga – 15:30 – Admira v Rapid Vienna (Latest Odds)​
  • POLAND Ekstraklasa – 17:00 – Korona Kielce v Legia (Latest Odds)​

We suggest any of the five betting methods listed below.

  1. Draw No Bet – bet on an away victory (bet will be refunded if match ends in a draw)
  2. Double Chance – bet on an away win and a draw (X2) in the double chance market
  3. Back the Draw – bet on the match to end in a draw
  4. Dutching – place two bets, one on a draw and one on an away win (calculator)
  5. Laying – laying the home win on betting exchanges such as BetFair and sMarkets


We have decided to observe this one for a while and see what happens before we decide on the best way to proceed.


OK, the system seems to be settled and some of you are getting impatient so here we go. We are not able to provide information for all the possible bet types so we have chosen to back the away team (DNB) and to back the draw. The other 3 bet types give you a double chance and therefore the odds will be lower than our DNB odds (which are already pretty low). The odds to back a draw are always good so that is what I personally will be doing.



Like Soccer Streaks the selections are from all kinds of strange and wonderful leagues, so most of us will not have an opinion on the bet, we will just do as we are told, which is probably an advantage. Unlike Soccer streaks we don’t know what the criteria are for making the list. We started in late April and finished in mid July, so not an ideal period to test a football system. Over the 12 weeks we had 91 selections. 46 were away wins, 29 were draws and only 16 were home wins, therefore DDD can claim a strike rate of over 82%, but is that enough for a profit? In my case it was. I decided to take two of the five suggested betting methods, and both finished ahead. We made 2.18 points by backing the away team with DNB. I suspect that a/double chance or b/dutching the draw and away or c/laying the home win would have all been very similar. These three involve betting on two of the three outcomes, so the odds were quite a bit worse, but we would have won the 29 draws in addition to the 46 aways.

I’m much more interested in backing the draw, the very opposite of how the service started out. Everybody knows that draws only turn up when you don’t want them to and spoil your day, so it’s nice when they’re on your side. Anybody that can pick draws regularly will make good money, with average odds over 3.70 the profit on backing the draw was 16.60 points.



Backing the away DNB produced a profit of 2.18 points from 91 selections. I am assuming that the other three methods would have been similar. Although any profit is good news this is not enough to justify the time and effort involved, and not enough to cover your subscription. As far as I am concerned, backing the draw is the only worthwhile method, and doing this we made a profit of 16.60 points in the 12 weeks. If the strike rate of nearly 32% could be maintained this could produce decent profits.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Ease of use

Emails were sent every evening containing the following days selections, which could and often did include the early morning. Personally I don’t like this. Once I am finished for the day I don’t want to check for more selections and deal with them before I go to bed, and would much prefer any night-time selections to be included in the previous days list. (General note to all tipsters). Communication was 100% reliable, if there were no selections for tomorrow you would get a message to say so. Some of the games were rather obscure, but the listing includes the league name and the match time, and a link to Oddsportal. You may have to open some accounts with smaller bookies. I think there was only one occasion when I could not place the bet.

Rating: ★★★☆☆



There were good weeks and bad weeks but nothing too volatile. I don’t think there is any chance of blowing the bank with this.

Rating: ★★★★☆


Return on Investment (ROI)

As I said above, I would not consider anything other than backing the draw with these selections. The ROI on the other methods is tiny and not enough to cover your costs. Backing the draw generated a profit of 16.60 points from 91 points bet, an ROI of over 18%, which is not bad for a football service.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Support and documentation

Email instructions regarding the selections are clear, and turned up every day on time without fail. I’m not sure that giving people a choice of five bet types is a good idea, although it does give the service a chance to claim victory maybe more than it should. When they say “good day yesterday with one away and one draw” it does not necessarily mean that everybody made a profit.

Rating: ★★★★☆



If DDD can keep picking draws, which we all know is very difficult unless you’re not trying, then I think they are worth a small investment of your time and money to have a proper look.

Our Overall Is Rating: ★★★☆☆



Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the review.

[Click here to see Draw Day Demolition]


Sgt Short Reviews Draw Day Demolition

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Passed 4.5/5 Stars