Sporting Addicts Final Review

26 May 2014

267 Sporting Addicts Final Review

Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts



Sporting Addicts is a sports tipster service, distributed via Betfan, covering a large number of sports – purportedly using inside contacts.


Selections are available on the Betfan website, and are provided daily by e-mail. The review covered the 12 weeks from 4th March to 25th May.

The vendor suggests a starting bank of 250 points and each bet  has been monitored using that. It isn’t a cheap service at £47 per month or £94 for 3 months.

So how did it do?



Without doubt this was one of the most frustrating reviews I have undertaken. Having looked at the proofing page on Betfan prior to the review this service had been successful, and had just had an excellent run of results during February. However, the review period saw long periods of inactivity and a truly horrendous run of results during March & April.


9 betting days, 41 bets (including each way) Winning bets:  2

Points staked:   58        Loss in month :    46.5 points


10 betting days, 18 bets, Winning bets: 3

Points staked:  61    Loss in month: 30.6 points

May was slightly better, as the service concentrated on tennis bets


12 betting days (out of 25), 14 bets, Winning bets: 7

Points staked:  68    Gain in month:  3.9 points

So overall

21 betting days, 73 bets, 12 winning

Opening bank: 250 Points staked: 187 Loss: 73.2 points  Closing bank:  176.7   ROI -39%

Using fixed staking:

Opening bank: 250 Points staked: 73 Loss:  41.4 points  Closing bank:  58.6   ROI -57%


So overall, a very disappointing review, with low levels of activity, a very poor hit rate and significant losses. All this and paying relatively high fees.

It is only fair to report that I found the email service reliable, and the proofing service to be pretty reliable (although I’m not convinced by the accuracy of each way golf bet returns when there are tied place winners). It is only fair to note that following the review, the service  had a profitable month, but it remains inconsistent.

smallfailed Sporting Addicts Final Review


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Sgt Colin Reviews Sporting Addicts

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Elite Ratings System Day 55

23 July 2014

 Elite Ratings System Elite Ratings System Review Day 55

Sgt Accent Reviews Elite Ratings System

The Elite Ratings  System is an email base tips for UK horseracing.

We will be using level stakes based on points suggest by the tipster. The odds and bookmaker are base on the tipster daily email. 

We use 200 points as starting bank as recomend I will try to update the review every day even when there is no selection advised. Thank You

Day 55  (23-7-2014)

No Date Race Time Horse Bookie suggested BOG Stake sgs P/L
Stake Sgs
398 23/7/2014 Worcester 1410 Quinsman Boylesports 3 2 -2
399 23/7/2014 Worcester 1440 Marky bob Betvictor 3.5 2 -2
400 23/7/2014 Lingfield 1600 Panther Patrol Boylesports 3.75 2 5.5
401 23/7/2014 Worcester 1640 Trend is My Frend Bet365 3.5 2 -2
402 23/7/2014 Worcester 1710 Owner Occupier Betvictor 5.5 1 -1
403 23/7/2014 Sandown 1805 Who That chick Betvictor 6.5 1 -1
404 23/7/2014 Leicester 1815 Nelsons Pride Paddy 3.25 2 -2
405 23/7/2014 Leicester 1955 Incendo Betvictor 9.5 1 -1
406 23/7/2014 Sandown 2050 Perfect Muse Bet365 3 2 4


Profit/ Loss

With Stakes suggested : -1.5 Points

Day 55  Bank :   With Stakes suggested: 200.43 points    ; P/L : +0.43

Total Tips: 406;  Win Tips: 92 . Strike Rate 22.7 %      ROI : 0.1 %  ,  

Total point staked: 746 Points 

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Sgt Accent Reviews Elite Ratings System

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Winning Trends Day 15

23 July 2014

Winning Trends 300x56 Winning Trends Review Day 15


Sgt AdrianC – Reviews Winning Trends

1 point is assigned for each selection

23 July

Selection P/L
7:45 Sandown – CRYSTAL LAKE

P/L today -1 points

Cumulative Loss 8.27 pt 

Strike rate, so far, is 12 wins out of 69 selections (17.3%)


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Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

Sgt AdrianC Reviews Winning Trends

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