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Soccer Overs – Day 79 to Day 84

28th December to 2nd January

Seven selections and five winning bets gives us a good final week for the review.

That’s a total of 79 winners out of 118 bets in total. That gives us a strike rate of a fraction short of 67%. Dave, the author of Soccer Overs set himself the target of 66% so he has achieved that target! Tomorrow I’ll put togather the Final Review and summarise the statistics. Those to whom I’ve promised the spreadsheet of all the selections, I will send it to them tomorrow.

The original bank of 100 points has trebled! Based upon the advised odds at the time of delivery of the tips, we have made a 212% profit and the £100 bank at the end of the review is £312.30. This is a tremendous achievement! Using Betfair and the available odds at the time I placed the bets, the bank has increased by 186% after commission and the final Betfair balance is £286.10

This week’s bets in the Over 2.5 goals market, were:




Watford v Cardiff (England) Kick Off 15:00 – 10 pts @ 1.85 with Bet365 1.851.911.904-1£10.00W£8.50£8.55
Tottenham v Newcastle (England) Kick Off 15:00 – 10 pts @ 1.65 with Bet365 1.651.771.762-0£10.00L-£10.00-£10.00

Wigan v Arsenal (England) Kick Off 19:45 – 10 pts @ 1.88 with Pinnacle 1.881.861.872-2£10.00W£8.80£8.27

Swindon v Bournemouth (English League 1) Kick Off 15:00 – 10 pts @ 1.95 with Bet365 1.951.941.901-2£10.00W£9.50£8.55
Watford v Portsmouth (English Championship) Kick Off 17:20 – 10 pts @ 1.82 with Ladbrokes 1.821.801.803-0£10.00W£8.20£7.60
Crewe v Northampton (English League 2) Kick Off 15:00 – 10 pts @ 1.81 with Pinnacle 1.811.801.772-0£10.00L-£10.00-£10.00

Chelsea v Aston Villa (English Premiership) Kick Off 13:30 – 10 pts @ 1.62 with Bet365 1.621.651.733-3£10.00W£6.20£6.94


Bookie Results (to 10 point level stakes):

Week’s P/L: +21.20 points

Cumulative P/L: +212.30 points

Running Balance (100 point starting bank): 312.30 points

Betfair Results (after commission) (to 10 point level stakes):

Day P/L: +19.90 points

Cumulative P/L: +186.10 points

Running Balance (100 point starting bank): 286.10 points

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Sgt Rich

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Flat Ratings Pro – Day 5

3 January – Day 5

Welcome back to this review.

The website tells me this morning that there are no suitable selections for today.

Running Bank after Day 5 = 99.91 points (minus 0.09 points)

Best Regards

Sergeant John

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