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Flat Ratings Pro – Day 7

5 January – Day 7

Another winner today which traded at 4.09 on Betfair. There were only three selections in today’s race, which makes it less of a liability and makes more profit should the selections produce the winner.

This success made an overall profit of 1.09 points (+3.09, -1, -1 = 1.09). After 5% commission this became +1.04 points.

Running Bank after Day 7 = 103.13 points (plus 3.13 points)

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Sergeant John

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Win and Place Investment Plan – Day 41

5th January

No selections today

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Sgt Rich

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Sams Lucky 9 Lays – Day 46 (05/01/11)…

We suffered only the third losing selection of the trial so far today.  It came in at reasonably high odds to place the largest dent so far in the profits.  We are still in very good shape so far though.  Though we will need more selections than just one per day to recover from this quickly…

Review Day Date Time Course Selection SP # Runners Position Result P/L – Level P/L – Liability
Day 46 05/01/2011 1.25pm Lingfield Paco Belle 5.31 1 5 Lost -4.31 -1.00

Staking Plan 1 (Level stake 1pt)

Start bank – 150pts

Todays P/L – Minus 4.31pts

Cumlative P/L – Plus 16.30pts

Running Bank – Plus 166.30pts

Staking Plan 2 (Liability of  1pt)

Start bank – 150pts

Todays P/L – Minus 1pt

Cumlative P/L – Plus 5.30pts

Running Bank – Plus 155.30pts

Sgt Ian

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