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Power Naps – Day 83


Hi Bloggers,


There was 1 selection today from the service as follows:


3.20 Salisbury 3 Points Win Spanish Bounty 5/1 Stanjames  (lost)


P/L =  – 3 pts

New bank =  + 131.38 pts

Overall flat stake profit =  – 68.62 pts after 83 days.



All the best, Sgt Tommy.                             (click here to see Power Naps…)

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Turf Wars  Day 44

7th June 2011



Hello everyone,


Day 44 for Turf Wars, and is it time to put on the parachutes? Since the start of June, we appear to have gone into freefall, I said at the start of the review it was going to be a roller coaster ride, and so it is proving. We have been spoilt by the huge profits made recently, lets hope Lisa can pull it back around soon.


Platinum Bet Stake 10 pts Russian Division 1


Shinnik Yaroslavi  v  Luch Energiya    Over 2.5 goals    Odds Evs  Sportingbet


Bet Lost – 10 pts


Gold Bet Stake 8 pts Iceland Premier League


Breidblik  v  Fram    Over 3.5 goals    Odds 6/4  P Power ( I couldnt find this bet at P Power)


Bet Lost – 8 pts


Silver Bet Stake 6 pts Russian Division 1


Baltika  v  Gazprom    Score Draw     1-1  4pts

2-2  2 pts


Both Bets Lost – 6 pts


Return On The Day – 24 pts


Running Bank 333.90 pts


Starting Bank 100 pts


P/L To Date + 233.90 pts


Level Stakes Return – 3 pts


Level Stakes P/L To Date + 35.79 pts




[Click here to see Turf Wars, and to get your exclusive 5 day free trial]





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Passed 4.5/5 Stars