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Turf Wars  Day 97

30th July 2011

Hello everyone,

This is how day 97 went for Turf Wars.

Bet 1  Gold Bet Stake  8 pts

Scottish Premier

St Johnson  v  Rangers    Under 10 corners    Odds Evs    Won

Bet Return + 8.0 pts

Bet 2  Silver Bet  Stake 6 pts

6 pts Win double


Osters IF  v  Degerfors     Both teams to score    Odds 7/10    Lost

Assyriska  v  GIF Sundsvall    Over 2.5 goals    Odds 17/20    Lost

Bet Return – 6.0 pts

Bet 3  Bronze Bet  Stake 4 pts

Russian Premier

Tomsk  v  Terek Gronzy    Draw    Odds 12/5   Lost

Bet Return – 4.0 pts

Goodwood Horse Selections

We had 5 horses for Goodwood, a total of 12 pts staked.

A good day with the horses, with 2 winners and a placed selection.

Bet Return + 12.50 pts

Return On The Day + 10.50 pts

Running Bank 215.73 pts

Starting Bank 100.00 pts

P/L To Date + 115.73 pts

Level Stakes Return + 3.64 pts pts

Level Stakes P/L To Date + 45.76 pts



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RebelBetting Day 27

30th July

Hi Bloggers,

Saturday was an interesting, frustrating, but in the end, very profitable day. The football arbs were going OK, then on one arb, the bookie restricted the size of the bet. No problem, I thought, because I just lowered the stake on the other bet. By Sunday, I noticed the bookie had returned the stake and not paid out on the bet. I contacted them and they said the bet was voided as the odds offered had been wrong! Grr!

Then in the evening I picked some baseball games. RebelBetting software gave me an arb. The baseball bets often have a stipulated player on each side and one of the bookies just automatically fills in a betting slip without giving you the full details of the bet. So I double checked the betting lines with each bookie to make sure the same players were stipulated. It all looked OK so I placed the bets.

Upon checking I noticed the actual bets were in fact for different payers! It seemed the bookie was offering two lines, each with different players and the RebelBetting software hadn’t spotted this. I couldn’t find any other bookmaker offering the same line so I tried to level off the bets as best I could for a small loss.

When it all shook out the bets were not as marked originally and it paid off with a nice profit. The same troublesome bookmaker then took over 24 hours to settle the bets.

I’ve taken a break from my reviews on Sunday and Monday as it can be pretty intensive.

CM=Cross Market Arb; EU=European handicap; AH=Asian Handicap; Moneyline or 3-Way= 1×2 match odds; 2-Way=Draw No Bet; Middle=Arb where max profit is made if the middle opton (eg Draw) wins.

Day Arb Type Total Stake Actual Return %age Return
Day 27 30/7

AH1.25(Back) AH1.25(Lay) 100.70 4.16 4.13%

Team1(Back) Team2(Lay) 100.10 107.75 107.63%

Team2(Back) Team2(Lay) 104.40 -3.69 -3.53%

Middle Over 2.5 Under 2.75 100.00 4.55 4.55%

CM Team1(3-Way) Team2(AH0.5) 100.00 2.00 2.00%

CM Team1(3-Way) Team2(EH1) 52.27 -13.47 -25.77%

AH Team1(-0.25) Team2(0.25) 71.00 2.44 3.44%

Team 1(2-way) Team2(2-Way) 102.00 -10.00 -9.80%

Tofay’s Profit 93.74

Here is today’s spreadsheet of balances for Rebelbetting:

Type Amount %
Total Deposits/Withdrawals 2000.00 75.24%
Total in Play 100.00 3.76%
Total Bonuses 101.36 3.81%
Total Arb Profit 556.67 20.94%
Total Bankroll 2658.03 100.00%


Sgt Rich – reviewing RebelBetting

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Type Amount %
Total Deposits/Withdrawals 2000.00 78.74%
Total in Play 200.00 7.87%
Total Bonuses 101.36 3.99%
Total Arb Profit 438.57 17.27%
Total Bankroll 2539.93 100.00%
Total Balance on Books 2276.72 89.64%
Account Balance 63.21 2.49%

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Rate The Races – Final Review

1st August 2011

Rate The Races

Sergeant Lucian – Reviews Rate The Races

Passed – and approved

Rating 3.5 stars

Hi Bloggers,

Rate The Races reach the 84 day review and here are the Final Review.

As you know,  Rate The Races , Deluxe Version, is a piece of  software from the Steve Davidson Stable, and is created by Michael, who brought us, amongst others, Pro Betfair Trading, reviewed on our other site

Price for this piece of software is 39.97 pounds and you get one license for one computer. With the software, comes three strategies.

From the beginning we chose to review the first two strategies on both UK and Irish races.

The seller recommend only UK racing on all three strategies.

Now Strategies step by step:

Strategy 1– UK and Irish Races – FAILED

After the initial 56 days review this strategy failed.

Starting with 100 points, on day 56 the strategy had brought the bank down to just 6.61 points.

Strategy 1 – UK Races – Not included on final review

From the day 57 I’ve run the strategy only on UK racing, I’ve extract the results from Strategy 2. On extended period starting from bank of 100 points the final bank was 115.91 with over half point profit per day.

Now back on official review Strategy 2.

Strategy 2 – UK and Irish Races –Rate The Races

Starting Bank = 100 points

Running Bank after Day 84= 120.66 points (plus 20.66 points)

ROI = 0.89

I rate this strategy with Two and a half stars. There is a clear difference between the first strategy and the second. This difference, do NOT stop at 10 points loss, makes this strategy a pass over the 84 day review.

Strategy 2 – NO IRISH Races –    Rate The Races

Starting Bank = 100 points

Running Bank after Day 84= 159.97 points (plus  59.97 points)

ROI = 2.71

After day 56 this strategy was reviewed in two ways with and without IRISH races and the difference is clear to only use on UK races.

Strategy 3 – STEP 1,2,3 –   Rate The Races

Starting Bank = 1000 points

Running Bank after Day 84= 1422.50 points (plus  422.50 points)

Around five points profit per day on this strategy. I give four stars because over 400 points profit was made in just 30 days. Just a word of caution, although the overall profit of 422.50 pts is excellent, as I said it was made during a 30 day period, for the remainder of the review it was fairly flat.

Now about the rating software. I rate the Rate The Races software with 3.5 stars stars. This is a great tool for everyone who bet or trade on horse races. As I’ve said, from the sellers words – the selections and the ratings can be used with other back systems and for trading. Also the Rate The Races can spot a lot of tricasts.

In conclusion, if you have a 100 points bank the strategy for you is Strategy 2 – UK Races only. For 1000 point bank, clearly, the recommended strategy is Step 1,2,3 on UK races.


Sgt Lucian

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Sergeant Lucian – Reviews Rate The Races

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