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Form Labs – Week 7


Rich Reviews Form Labs

Last weekend I had a lot of connectivity problems (the downside to living in a remote area) so I missed a lot of matches. Nevertheless I made a nice profit on all three systems. Remember these are just example systems using the FormLabs software. You could develop whatever system you wanted.

Briefly, this is a software database that uses past results to find bets for upcoming fixtures. I am running a test system for each of the three available versions.

The results I give are for “Game Notes” (Lite Version); “Half-Time In-Play” (Pro Version); “60 Minute Live Logic” (Black Version). All results are to Betfair odds available at the time, with 5% Commission deducted. I have a starting bank for each system of £100 and £10 stakes. For Lay bets my liability is approximately £10.

Game Notes, a nice profit this week. The matches marked with an asterix * denote selections that fit the 2.5 goal system described on the Form Labs sales pages. I’ll summarise them at the end of the review.

Form Labs Lite
Game Notes
Week 7

£100 Start


NewcastleHome Win3.00£10.00£20.00£19.00£214.40

HannoverHome Win2.75£10.00£17.50£16.63£231.03

LilleHome Win1.76£10.00£7.60£7.22£238.25

TottenhamAway Win9.40£10.00-£10.00-£10.00£228.25

HoffenheimHome Score First2.20£10.00£12.00£11.40£239.65

ValenciaHome Score First1.42£10.00£4.20£3.99£243.64

Day Total£48.24£243.64
02/04/12*BlackburnOver 2.51.69£10.00-£10.00-£10.00£233.64

Day Total-£10.00£233.64

Half-Time In-Play: A nice profit this week.

Form Labs Pro
Half-Time In-Play
Week 7

£100 Start


HannoverHome Win3.35£10.00£23.50£22.33£186.49

Day Total£22.33£186.49
02/04/12BlackburnLay No Goal5.00£2.50£2.50£2.38£188.86

Day Total£2.38£188.86

60 Minute Live Logic: A small profit this week from just one match.

Form Labs Black
60′ Live Logic
Week 7
£100 Start


BlackburnLay No Goal3.00£5.00£5.00£4.75£173.97

Day Total£4.75£173.97

Summary of Results:

“Game Notes” (Lite Version)

Start Bank: £100

This week’s P/L: £38.24

Running Balance: £233.64

“Half-Time In-Play” (Pro Version)

Start Bank: £100

This week’s P/L: £24.70

Running Balance: £188.86

“60 Minute Live Logic” (Black Version)

Start Bank: £100

This week’s P/L: £4.75

Running Balance: £173.97

See the sales page that compares all the three versions of Form Labs here…

Rich Reviewing Form Labs

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