9 Minute System – Introduction

Hi Constables

The hardest thing about reviewing this sytem is going to be talking about it without revealing what the system is, which wouldn’t be fair to the guys who market it.

This isn’t a gambling system and definitely isn’t a system where one makes selections based upon form or past results and then have a punt on a selection. Neither is it a betting strategy that lays out a procedure to follow with skilled application, requiring judgement.

So what is it? It’s more an account balancing exercise, based upon mathematics. It uses the medium of horse racing, but the important things are the odds and playing them to make a profit. It comes from the same guys who developed the AllBy The Book and the GoldenKey Method 2. And carries some similarities in that it is a “playing the odds” system. But is significantly different in nature

The maths are not too difficult, but are complicated by the Betfair commission, which has to be taken into acount. I strongly recommend that you study the system carefully and get your head around it before actually starting it for real. I’ve seen discussions about this system and it seems it is easily misunderstood by hasty assumptions about how it works.

The mathematics are sound and if you do it correctly then a profit is inevitable.

I think it is a great idea (not suggested in the 9 minute system documentation – this is my suggestion) that you “paper trade” until you really have the system sussed.

For the first week I will paper trade the races and report my on paper profit/loss. Then I’ll go for it for real.

You will need an account with a Bookmaker and an Account with either BETFAIR or BETDAQ.

The race selections are very specific. This is not a system for UK racing in general. You place a Back bet with the Bookie and a Lay bet with the betting exchange. Basically one point is bet with the Bookies on a horse up to 14/1. This is important as regards betting bank, because you also lay one point on the exchange to cover the back bet and if the horse is 14/1 the liability is 14 points! You’ll see on the advertising page that they talk about £20 bets to make £400 monthly profit. So on a £20 a point basis, your lay liability on a 14/1 is £280! Now you are not “risking” that amount of money so long as your Back and Lay are matched, BUT you do need that amount available in your Bet Exchange account in order to lay the bet.

I don’t know what your comfortable betting levels are, but this is a significant amount to have riding on one race. And that is why it is is vital to understand the system and to get your bets matched.

Of course you don’t need to place £20/£280 back/lays, you can use any fraction of that but your monthly profit would also be the same fraction of £400. Another option is to lower your sights so you are not backing horses at such high prices as the recommended maximum of 14/1. But be warned, a situation will arise in the race/horse selection where your options are limited and you may be forced towards backng a horse at prices at the higher end. Anyway we’ll get an idea of how these things play out during my review.

So if the maths are sound and the profits are inevitable, then what can go wrong?

  1. You can get the maths wrong! So paper trade first until you’ve got the maths down pat.
  2. Never place the Lay bet first. Always place the Back bet first so your lay liability is covered by the back bet. The nightmare scenario would be that you lay first and your computer crashes or there is a power cut or your Broadband goes down before you place the back bet! So Back first then Lay. If, for some reason you then can’t place your lay bet your liability will only be the one point back stake.
  3. Either your Back account or your Lay account runs out of funds, paralysing you from covering your bets and balancing the Trade. It is important to realise that time is a factor and the occasion will arise where you have to “get on” to achieve your profit. So you must have enough funds in both accounts.
  4. The bookie closes down your account or restricts it because of your success!

The idea is to balance your bets and cream off an inevitable profit. Whatever your starting positions in both accounts, they will become unbalanced and you will need to transfer funds to restore the correct balance. As the reveiws go forward I’ll show you how to do this (in case you don’t already know) so that the Bookie (hopefully) won’t spot you on their radar and restrict your account. But we’ll worry about that once we are making our expected profits!

There are three variants of the system, as you can see on the sales page. They handle the Betfair commission and the odds taken in slightly different ways, but essentially they have the same basic purpose to cream off a profit on the trade roughly equal to the original one point stake.

As the reviews go forward I’ll try to keep all variants going simultaneously and I’ll report the actual time taken to compare that against the claimed “9 minutes”.

So, based upon maximum possible odds of 14/1 and a basic back stake of 1 point, I’ll set up an account with the Bookie of 10 points and a Betfair account of 90 points. That should cover the lays OK as I expect many prices to be well below 14/1. I expect to have to shuffle points from one account to the other to keep the workable ratio.

I’m looking forward to reviewing this novel and interesting system!

Sgt Rich

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