Alex Reys Sports Service – Introduction

Alex Reys Sports Service

21 April 2013

Sergeant Lucian – Introduces Alex Reys Sports Service

Hi Bloggers,

This is a tips service from The Tipster Warehouse – Alex Reys Sports Service.

The tips service cover ball sports – football, golf and tennis.  Alex Rey perspective on ball sports is about human performance. “Whereas animals are incredibly unpredictable, us humans are actually incredibly easy to read and predict.”

He take in considerations factors like team news, player fitness, event trends and additional performance factors that affect players that most people wouldn’t even think about as player’s social life or simple things like holidays and life changing events.

Price options are monthly at £ 29.95 and quarterly at £ 59.95.

The review will go for simple level staking with 50 points starting bank and 1 point bet.  The recommendations for this service is to divide the betting bank to 50 and that is the bet value.

Considering March results I looking forward to see how Alex Reys Sports Service performs over the review period. Initial period will be 56 days and  may be extended to 84 days if all will go for profit. Will be normal days not betting days as the service not give picks every day.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

[Click here to see Alex Reys Sports Service]


Sgt Lucian – Reviews Alex Reys Sports Service