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5 Stars and Highly Recommended! 😆  APRIL 2017!

All By The Book Final Review

All By The Book

Hi Bloggers

I have been testing All by the book since the 14th April and I can certainly say that it was a complete new approach for me, but anyway I took the bull by the horns and gave it a shot and the results have been very impressive to say the least. Over the 84 days working to 105%  and below All by the book has made a profit of 1623.67 points with a total maximum risk  of 1440.41 points, that is a very high plus 112.72% Return on Maximum Risk.

Before any sharp eyed people notice yes that is an additional 40 points on the final total we had on Day 84 this was due to a couple of odd mistakes as regards Non Runners in May for which I apologize for, the actual review figures will be amended shortly.

Anyway I have given a breakdown of the figures for working up to 105 below on All by The Book:

Up to 105 Results
Days Winning Days Strike Rate
84 56 66.66%
Races Winning Races Strike Rate
528 205 38.83%
Max Risk Profit Return on Max Risk
1440.41 1623.67 Plus 112.72%
Longest Losing Run(Days) 3 Days (Twice)
Longest Winning Run (Days)
6 Days (Twice)
Longest Losing Run (Races) 13 (Once)
Longest Winning Run (Races) 5 (Twice)
Maximum Races in a Day 15 (Once)
Maximum Loss in a Day 26.41 points
Maximum Win in a Day 117.31 points

Pretty impressive stuff 2 days out of 3 were winning ones, our maximum loss on any given Day was only 26.41 points yet our maximum return was 117.31 points. Now it must be said that using the 105 criteria things can become hectic on some days, but the average is only around 6 races per day and once you get used to All by the book it can be operated quickly and easily. Now I can appreciate it might be difficult for those working during the week  so, how did All by the book fair just on the weekends? lets have a look:

Up to 105
Days Winning Days Strike Rate
24 18 75.00%
Races Winning Races Strike Rate
147 62 42.09%
Max Risk Profit Return on Max Risk
344.28 459.2 Plus 133.4%
Longest Losing Run(Days) 2 Days (Twice)
Longest Winning Run (Days) 6 Days (Twice)
Longest Losing Run (Races) 9 (Once)
Longest Winning Run (Races) 5 (Once)
Maximum Races in a Day 15 (Once)
Maximum Loss in a Day 15.04 points
Maximum Win in a Day 59.59 points

So the figures look even better with All by the book making an average of over 19 points per day, a better strike rate all round and a higher percentage return. So you folks who can only use All by the book at weekends will certainly not lose out. Now I would have Passed and Recommended All by the book just on the above performance, but things are about to get even better a lot of you blogger’s have been asking which is the best strategy, working to 105% book or 103% book, here is your answer!

103 and Below
Days Winning Days Strike Rate
79 47 59.52%
Races Winning Races Strike Rate
260 110 42.30%
Max Risk Profit Return on Max Risk
385.4 1049.12 Plus 272.21%
Longest Losing Run(Days) 3 Days (Four)
Longest Winning Run (Days) 7 Days (Once)
Longest Losing Run (Races) 9 (Once)
Longest Winning Run (Races) 5 (Once)
Maximum Races in a Day 10 (Once)
Maximum Loss in a Day 13.58 points
Maximum Win in a Day 90.18 points

So you are probably thinking is Sgt Dave crazy, not yet, okay we have lost 574.55 points profit from working to 105 but we have now lost over 1053.66 points from our Maximum Risk look at the Return Percentage that is awesome. It also makes  All by the book easier to manage, you only get an average of 3 to 4 qualifying races a day. Once you get up and running it will not take long to place your bets and less money management because you are dealing with less races.

The most I ever had on one day with All by the book was 10 races the next was 8. If you were operating a Lay system you normally have to start with a Bank of 100 points well to Betfair minimum stake of 2 pounds so you would need a Betting Bank of 200 pounds. For that kind of money you could use 10 pence per point and start using All by the book. So even for such modest stakes you would have made 104.91 pounds in 12 weeks, and by compounding you can gradually increase the value of your point.

Finally for those folks who can only operate All By The Book at weekends what would your results be for 103% and below:

103 and Below
Days Winning Days Strike Rate
24 17 70.92%
Races Winning Races Strike Rate
91 41 45.05%
Max Risk Profit Return on Max Risk
136.92 275.5 Plus 201.21%
Longest Losing Run(Days) 2 Days (Three)
Longest Winning Run (Days) 5 Days (Twice)
Longest Losing Run (Races) 5 (Once)
Longest Winning Run (Races) 4 (Once)
Maximum Races in a Day 10 (Once)
Maximum Loss in a Day 4.98 points
Maximum Win in a Day 49.17points

Once again if you have only time available at weekends you are still going to make a good profit with All by the book.

So lets look at the disadvantages:

The bookmakers  are going to ban you because you are winning, well this has been discussed many times on the blog but just to condense what was said:

  1. Do not go crazy with your staking if you have sufficient capital 100 pounds per race is enough.
  2. Round off your bets having strange odd amounts: i.e. 27.87 is a dead give away you are using a system round it off to 28.
  3. Spread your bets evenly and try not to have multiples with the same bookmaker.
  4. If a bookmaker account is making too much profit try to create a sure bet on betfair by laying low and backing high on the bookies account with the view to the back bet losing. You should do this with selections in any market where the price is ideally below 4.0 or 3/1 and we are aiming for the back bet in the bookies to lose so that the lay bet in betfair is successful. This way we can cash out our winnings in betfair and our bookies company is left feeling happy that your account is a losing one. This will not always be simple you could go on a fantastic run and end up tripling or even quadrupling your bookies account before you lose the bet. Try to research which bets are most likely to lose. Competitive large field horse races are ideal. As long as you look like a true gambler and always end up losing the bet which you will the bookmaker will love your custom…

Even if you do end up, after taking plenty of the bookmakers cash getting banned or a restricted account All by the book will give you ideas that can help you make money. Unfortunately I cannot disclose any details, but if you look at some of the comments in  my All by the book review some blogger’s are using variations of the method already to make more profit.

Other comments “I don’t have time” Well as already has been proved it works just as well on Weekends as it does any other time, using 103% or below should reduce the time needed by around 50% as over half the selections  have been removed and also gives better value. In betting if you want to succeed you have to put the time in, it’s no different to any other business.

All by the book requires a lot of capital well yes if you want to stake 1 pound per point, but as I said earlier you could start doing 103% or less with around 200 pounds which is the minimal for most lay and back systems etc and you are going to make more profit using All by the book with minimal risk. Just start off slowly use compounding and you will be able to get your stakes to a reasonable level.

Yes like every other method or system you will have losing days with All by the book but your risk is minimal, which is one of the good points with the method.  An excellent return on risk is another and the fact that the All by the book is unique can also be added to the list.

In conclusion All by the book has been a really exciting product to review and I give it the maximum five stars due to its outstanding and regular profit making abilities, as I have said before no system or method is 100% perfect, yes you have to put some work in and do some money management but this is a small price to pay for the profits. My only problem now is where I can find another product like All by the book to review.

All By The Book


Sgt Dave


  1. David Caple

    Hi, do you have anything up to date on this? At the top you say “5 Stars and Highly Recommended! 😆 January 2017!” Your opening text says 14th April, is that 2016? All comments bar one and at’s response is 2011 or earlier and the product link stops at 2012!

    • Admin Paula

      Hi David

      I will have to find out from the vendor, as it was a long time ago we reviewed All by the book, way before my time.


  2. John


    there is no direct link to the sales page of All By The Book.

    Best Regards,


    • Site Admin

      Hi John,

      I’m not sure what you are looking at but there is a link to the sale page at the bottom of every review post. In the case of All By The Book it says [To Purchase All By The Book Click Here]

  3. Paul

    R4 has almost always worked in my favour. One notable exception was when WHill claimed that the odds I took had not been updated after a withdrawal. Very strange, as the withdrawal took place about 90 mins before I placed the bet and it was greyed out as a non runner on their race card !

  4. IanF

    My experience has been that R4 made me a small profit. This is due to my refund on the non-runner being more than the amount lost on the odds reduction.

    I assume that that is what Karl meant also.

  5. Karl

    Hi Nige

    my only one negative experience is from Betfred who screwed me over on a horse withdrawal, and docked me £43 due to what they called a “system technical issue”

    R4 actually work in your favour in a weird way as quite often when the market reforms you end up with better odds

  6. Nige


    Can anyone tell me how R4 effects this?

  7. Soccer Overs

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  8. Betting System Guru

    Hi Terrence,

    Neither ABTB or GKM2 are meant for US racing it is meant for UK
    horseracing only or for anyone living in the US it is a no no because
    they cannot use the exchanges.


  9. Terrence

    I hear him suggest using UK sportsbooks, but is it required to use this system? I am in U.S.

  10. Lyon

    The system work in french country?

  11. Oliver

    Was searching the net and looks like this website has ripped off your review.

  12. Andrew

    As anyone heard of or bought the ” Merciless Barrage System “


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