Analytical Pro – Introduction

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Well, I received a reply from the author about one of the Analytical Pro rules so will start the review from tomorrow.

analytical pro

Analytical Pro is available through Clickbank for around £54 although is being marketed at $67.

Apart from the usual two month refund guarantee available from Clickbank, the author has gone further and states on the sales page that if the Analytical Pro system fails to make a profit in any month, he will refund the purchase price to you.

In other words, he is offering a LIFETIME guarantee – a pretty bold offer!

Ok, on to the system. Analytical Pro is a backing system that uses the author’s own ratings criteria to identify selections to back to win. The system is also designed to identify what he refers to as naps and claims the success strike rate is 70% for normal qualifiers and 80% for nap selections.

However, there can be days when there are no qualifiers, so I suspect the Analytical Pro rating method is quite selective which is a point in it’s favour. It is recommended that you use daily newspapers (the author uses The Mirror) or Racing Post Online to appraise selections. If you decide to use the RP online, you will need to be a subscriber to access some of the required data.

The Analytical Pro rating method covers nine separate areas for which you allocate points and then analyse which horse, if any, should be the selection. There should only be one selection in each qualifying race.

The e-book (just 4 pages long) sets out all the rules clearly (except one which has now been clarified for me) and gives an example of how to interpret the ratings to make the selection. You then simply back that horse to win either at a bookmaker or on the Exchanges.

The author claims the Analytical Pro system is accurate for Reverse Forecast bets with a 50% strike rate. If you buy the system, you will also receive a useful calculator to help assess the ratings and can print these off if required. Additionally, you will receive a free laying system although I haven’t looked at this in any detail yet. I may decide to include results for the laying system in due course.

For the purpose of the trial, I will use Betfair SP as the benchmark for profit and loss and will post results on a weekly basis as I suspect there will not be too many bets every day.

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