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“If you mind losing more than you enjoy winning- don’t bet.”
Clement Freud

“Every time I leave the racecourse at the end of a day’s work, with a profit tucked into my zipped pocket, I offer a silent thank you to the mugs who make it possible- my fellow punters. Overall I regard the rest of the crowd with contempt.”

The above quote comes from self proclaimed betting guru -Alan Potts -author of a couple of books including ‘Against The Crowd’- a dated but informative piece of literature about acquiring the legendary ‘Edge’. A successful ‘professional bettor’ who now describes himself has ‘semi retired’ (his second attempt at book was followed by the publishing company going into liquidation and owing enough money to convince him never to write again.Not such a great gamble.)

The reason this comment irks me is – apart from its obvious arrogance- is that most Professional Bettors who I’ve encountered or read about wouldn’t come out with such twaddle. They might think it but being ‘Professional’ requires a discipline and an ability to avoid the spotlight while achieving great success. Calling the average betting public ‘Mug’ Punters is an insult to a large proportion of the betting population (including, obviously,myself).


“The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket”
Kin Hubbard





The Punter is the lifeblood of the betting industry.
Ask a dozen people for the definition of a punter and you’ll get 12 completely different answers.
To people like Alan Potts the punter is a bumbling Baldrick like character who barely knows the difference between an ante post and the anti christ.

In fact in some areas a punter can be a supreme expert if it involves something he is interested in.
Every Saturday morning you can see him and his mates (girlfriends too!) bowling down to the bookies pick up their forms and fill them in while having half hearted arguments about the abilities of players,chances of their favourite teams trouncing their friends favourite team etc.

By definition a punter is ‘a person who gambles, places a bet, or makes a risky investment.’

Right now I would classify myself as a fair weather punter. Many a time I’ve forgotten to put a bet on often these are the ones that win, but I don’t take it personally (actually I do).
I have no affiliations. Chelsea are my team but I’ve often bet against them (God bless you Palace).
I am also supremely superstitious, I have a lucky number and will bet on horse if I like their name (how can you not put a punt on Mitchum Swagger?).
I try not to let my betting affect my lifestyle. For instance tomorrow I’m off to see Aerosmith at Donnington and apart from taking a copy of The Racing Post and a biography on the legendary Dorothy Paget, I will be oblivious to any sporting activities. I don’t own an I Phone or I Pad.
Having said that, there are plenty of times I’ve indulged in emotional betting, which like emotional eating occurs in the twilight hours and usually results in physical or mental indigestion.


1) Did not check how much money he had when entering a bookies.

2) Did not have a carefully thought out list of selections, maybe an ineligible scrawl on a take out menu.

3) May have had a tip recommended by three top tipsters and Nostradamus but if I spotted a horse whose name was interesting, a song I loved or the name of an ex girlfriend, then that’s a done deal.

4) Whenever my bet loses I KNOW it’s because God hates me.And when a bet wins the flavour of victory is quickly soured by a negative deep in my psyche exploding screaming through an ear bleeding deafening megaphone :“ WHY DIDN”T I PUT MORE MONEY ON THIS YOU SCHMUCK!!!!!”

But still I am happy being a punter. I would love more successes.The last couple of weeks have been a drought. I can accept that. Until recently my primary motivation for betting was nothing to do with money, it was more about earning enough funds to keep on betting.

We all have the ability to become successful bettors and hopefully on our journey through these blogs we’ll be able to discover through my ramblings, interviews with a variety of key personalities in this field, sharing your experiences (all feedback welcome) and testing some theories how to become more successful ,satisfied,and confident punters.

For me: I need to make an extra effort. Focus on things I enjoy following and make calculated and bold bets.

I need to develop the discipline of a NAVY SEAL and a lockdown, tyrannical attitude to my bankroll
This won’t happen overnight and there will be metaphorical pot holes and car crashes along the way, as you will witness in future blogs.
Lastly I am looking for genuine mentors to give me adviceshare their experience and generally point me in the right direction, I am not looking for tips or inside bets. I want someone to teach me in a way that I can pass on my knowledge freely to the next serious apprentice down the line.

Recently in an interview with Paul Jones revealed a change of heart in his attitude to punters and the word mug wasn’t event mentioned once!
“ I’d say that sophisticated part of the market now is the punter, who are now more knowledgeable and have access to much better information than when I started out so many years ago.”

Read Paul Jones’s interview with Alan Potts here

God made the bees
The bees make the honey
You make a bet
And the bookies take the money
Prince Monolulu-legendary turfside tipster

Comments are very much appreciated as this is my first time at writing on blogs. Positive or Negative comments welcome!!