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22nd March 2017

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Sgt Graduate – Introduces AWesome Racing

Greetings all! I am The Graduate and as the Nome de plume suggests I am pretty new to serious betting,which is why I am grateful to Betting Systems Truth for allowing me to become a reviewer.

I had my first bet when I was 11,on a horse called Boulevard (it was the name of a restaurant owned

by best mates dad) which – if I remember correctly came in at 33/1 with Pat Eddery on the saddle.

Over the years I’ve bet on various sports and specialist events but Horse Racing has always been my main.

It’s only in the last few months that I have taken it to the next level and spent everyday trawling the internet, reading books and getting as much info as I can.

This is why I am so happy to be able to test out betting system sites as I am an obvious potential customer.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s bring on the first contestant.

Awesome Racing

Awesome Racing is a member of the incredibly successful Tipster Platform service-Betfan, who have been going since 2010.

It is run by a chap going under the name of The Sandman who claims to ‘deliver spectacular racing dreams with my magical dust whilst you sleep’.

The System

The Sandman specialises in All Weather Racing and is split into two parts.The first -October to the end of March- is when he supplies all the big bets.In the second half he bets smaller amounts while we ‘enjoy our profits’.

The AW Calendar is split into two distinctive parts; the first part starts at the end of October to the end of March and the second part April through to October.

He doesn’t reveal much about his system except to claim that he has a proven record on picking Value Tips on All Weather Horses.

The Sandman suggests a 250 point starting bank and a reassessment of the bank at the end of every day where you divide again to give a 1 point value.

Staking Plan

I recommend a 250 Point starting Bank – Divide your Bank by 250 to give a 1 point value

I personally advise making a reassessment of your bank at the end of every betting Day.

EG After each day look at your total bank and divide by 250 again for your one point value, this allows us both to maximize potential and minimise losses in event of any losing Runs.

Every bet comes with an advised stake, the maximum being five point bets.

It is suggested that you use a 250 point starting bank and divide into 100 for 1pt.

So it’s 2.50 = 1pt.

Every Bet will be sent to you with an advised stake (Number of Points To Bet)

All bets will be five point maximum bets, this is high stakes betting with maximum confidence

All advised Bets will be Back Bets (Win Singles).

You get up to 100 bets per month. Some days you get up to six and others it can be as low as two.

The System is designed for Win Bets and you are advised to put bets on early as the prices of his selections tend to shorten fast.

Having said that it also says that putting E/W punts is fine as many of the medium priced selections get placed. So I will do both but primally focus on Win selection to appraise the system.

Tips come via email but there is no specific time frame given, so I will keep you posted.

The Cost

£40 per month or £65 per quarter (which comes to £21.67p per month).

When I logged on I was greeted with a pop up box that offered a special half price discount for the first month.You can use PayPal,Credit/Debit Card or Skrill (?)

It encourages you to get a quarterly membership ASAP as the price may increases without notice.

First Impressions

Visually Betfan are a classy product and all there sites look professional and are easy to understand however they use the approach of high pressure salesman which can be annoying.There are a lot of words but very little information in the introduction blurb.Things like get the quarterly subscription now as we will jack up the cost is quite indimidating. The fact is that if it’s a great service they would probably be able to sell yearly subscriptions.

Also to a novice like me the staking plan looks quite risky but having said that if he delivers, bring it on!!

Review Updates

I will be posting reviews daily for 56 days and extend it if things are going well.


I hope you enjoy the review


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Sgt Graduate Introduces AWesome Racing