Betfair ATM – Introduction

betfair ATMStarting Monday 20th i shall be reviewing  Betfair ATM

Hopefully it will be third time lucky for this one, twice before a review was supposed to have commenced and for what ever reason they never took place.

So what is Betfair ATM?

Well i would not call it a system as such it is more a strategy or method and as such results will vary from punter to punter, to make it more interesting or challenging which ever way you look at it  the Betfair ATM method involves backing horses In – Play on the place market. Now i will not be trying to follow the whole days racing unfortunately i have a time difference to overcome, so i intend to put in an hour and a half to two hours a day where i can. This should still give us a pretty good idea of the Betfair ATM methods potential.

I will be using 1 point level stakes , although i have been trying it for a week i certainly have no intentions of trying to tackle sprint races, not to say that you could’nt but you certainly would need to have alot more experience to be quicker enough to deal with these, really Betfair ATM is ideally suited to National Hunt. I have tried using Betfairs interface and found that too slow, tried Geeks Toy found that too quick, so i settled for Fair Bot and found that to be a happy medium, its crucial that you have a bot that allows a one click bet operation you have no time for confirming bets etc.

Going on to the website for Betfair ATM you should achieve a strike rate of around 82% with around 1.4 to 1.5 average odds, and should make a couple of points average  a day profit depending on the amount of time you put in, it also say’s that as the Betfair ATM is so consistent you can use it when you have spare time, weekend etc.

  • So how much is Betfair ATM currently?

It is being advertised at 67 pounds.

  • So what do you get for your money?

A 20 page PDF manual thankfully no padding, pages 2/3 introduces the author Michael and the method, the 8 rules if you can call it that are covered on pages 4/5, from 6 to 18 a number of examples and explanations are given, finally the last two pages covers resources and the authors e-mail.

On to the subject of e-mail i did contact the author and found him very helpful and also was very quick to reply. Just to confirm the Betfair ATM method works on UK racing and solely involves Betfair so this would be no use to US residents. Anyway an interesting and challenging review lies ahead, lets see if the Betfair ATM method can live up to its claims.

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Sgt Dave – Reviews Betfair ATM