Betting Grenade Introduction   November 15th

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Its Dave here well this is my 1000th article for BST so i hope it augurs well for for Betting Grenade which i shall be reviewing this is another system from the author of BF ATM and Michaels PlaceLay Formula. So what is Betting Grenade it is a backing system and you only need BF to place your bets, but you can use ordinary online bookies if you wish although you may find yourself making less profit. If you find a qualifying selection you back it on Betfair and all results shown on the Betting Grenade website are shown to BFSP. The rules are fairly simple you only have 5 to follow the downside of the system is that you have to be at the computer if you have qualifying races. Actually you could use it on the evening racing or just weekends I will be able to give the figures for the weekends only at the end of the review. Due to time difference I will not be able to cover much of the evening racing but I will do my best to cover late afternoon races. The author recommends following the races throughout the day for the best results.

So how much is Betting Grenade? at the moment £69.99 for this you get a 37 page PDF manual thankfully not  padded up with how to make a bet etc. Page 1 gives a brief introduction, pages 2 to 19 cover the 5 rules and give plenty of examples of how the system works. Pages 20 and 21 gives the staking plan which is 1 point Level Stakes using a 100 point Starting Bank, also the logic behind the rules is explained in more detail. The author claims that you should be in profit in around 40/45 % of your betting days, given the price of some of the selections one should be prepared to have some longish losing runs but as the author states this is a long term investment and that you will profit overall. Finally pages 22 to 37 give full results from the 1st of September to October 23rd.

So as per the website the system made 113.10 points profit in October, plus 37.20 points in October and so far in November it is 1.86 points ahead. The author provided me with a video as well showing the system in operation although as I said the rules are easy to follow. So to sum up we have an easy to understand system that backs some good price winners, straightforward backing at BFSP, downside you have to be at your computer to follow the racing, although having said that you can determine in advance what races you might be backing in, but you could miss out on some additional races if circumstances changed within those races you excluded that could make them possible qualifiers. Other thing is be prepared for losing runs and remember it is suppose to be a long term investment,  So on with the trial let us see what the next 56 or 84 days brings forth will the grenade blow our bank or give us explosive profits?



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