Bookmaker Insider Introduction

1st November 2013


Sgt Liam – Introduces Bookmaker Insider

You cannot possibly have failed to have heard of this service as the build up to the launch has been going on all week.

Well, now, the moment has arrived & it’s time to find out just what all the fuss has been about. This service is essentially a daily tipping service with an email each morning from the  ” Bookmaker Insider “, which details the best 3 races of the day to be betting on, the selection(s), the recommended stakes & which bookie to use.

The cost of the service is £56.40 pm ( INC vat ). Please note, this is actually every 28 days not calender monthly!

There is a cheaper Quarterly option of £140.40 every 90 days (equivalent to £47.45 pm)

These are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee.

My intention is to place all bets as soon after receiving the email as possible, but i will use Oddschecker to get myself the best price i can at the time. If better odds are available at Betfair then i will take those. I will use the staking method as advised.

B.I. recommend a 100 point betting bank.

I will review daily for the usual 56 days & then extend further if all is going well. B.I. have made some pretty bold claims & i am looking forward to see if the results can live up to expectations.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review. 

[Click here to see Bookmaker Insider] 


Sgt Liam Introduces Bookmaker Insider