Cashflow Football Introduction

16th September 2013


Sgt Liam Introduces Cashflow Football

Welcome to my review of Cashflow Football. This comes from the Steve Davidson stable of products and as the name suggests is a football system. However, this is not a straight set and forget system but a strategy for profiting from Betfair’s in-play coupon.

The system involves monitoring the in-play markets for certain matches & then entering a trade when certain conditions are met. You don’t actually have to watch the games but you do need to be available to react to what is happening in your chosen games. The system contains all the instructions for setting up your day so that you can monitor the in-play markets without being glued to a screen all day. The system comes in a secure format that will run on windows based computers only. You cannot print the information and it is locked to just the one computer.

The system is very straight forward and easy to understand and even people who are not that familiar with backing & laying on betfair will quickly be able to grasp the strategy. Full guidance is given as to which games are suitable and as this will work on all leagues there are plenty of games to choose from, so no matter what time of day you have available you should have games that would fit the system.

The system costs £69.95 and because it is an information product there is NO refund available.

I intend to follow lots of games from different times during the day and at weekends, however liquidity in the market is important and so wherever possible i will favour the major leagues and the bigger games.

The information not only contains the system instructions but also different staking plans to suit different levels of risk/reward, one of which is level staking and this is what i will be using in my review. There is no specific guidance given as to the best bank to use so i will use the oft used 100 point starting bank but if the strike rate achieved is anything like that in the sales page (over 70% ) then this will be more than enough.

I will report my results daily.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Liam Introduces Cashflow Football