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betting system reviewsThis is a place for all punters alike to meet up & discuss systems and services like in a betting forum, but this is a Betting System Reviews blog, testing systems daily.

Yes! this is a betting system reviews site but like the majority of betting sites, we do not just talk about betting odds. We cover everything betting related, from systems and scams to festivals and trends.

We have a team of around 18 reviewers who put their heart and soul into testing out most of the stuff to do with online betting. That could be football betting systems, sports betting systems or racing betting systems. If the system is on sale and popular we are sure to cover it at Betting System Reviews Truths.

Sometimes we will review some of the many betting software that can help your internet betting business. Why not start by checking out our daily betting system reviews “results page here”.

Our reviewers post updates on the progress of each test daily and you can comment along with hundreds of other bloggers.

After you have become familiar with the site, please head over to our past trials in the passed section, failed section and neutral section in the right-hand sidebar. To discuss each system and service that is being trialed on the blog. Go to the comment sections and air your views, we are all there waiting for you to contribute to this friendly atmosphere. Be sure to leave your comments and introduce yourself to the community.

All the very best Paula & The Review Team @ Betting System Reviews Truths


  1. Redback

    I have a general question I would like to ask. Would you say most folk use a combination of systems and if so would anybody like to post what are the top 3 they use. I don’t mean just on the star ratings but the top 3 they have the most success with so maybe we could all corellate that information.

    I am very new to the game, live in Australia and find with the time difference I have to be more selective. Considering our commission on Betfair just went up to 6.5% I am definetely looking at the UK races more extensively.

    I have just purchased PBP (that was my first ever purchase) and then found out that Aussies can’t subscribe to Paddy Power. I know there are alternatives, so any ideas would be welcome. I do use BF.

    • Brian cosgrove

      @Redback: Hello james , welcome back !
      I have been trying to find the review for triple h horseracing , it seems to have disapearer ,is there a reason for this


      • BST Admin

        Hi Brian
        The Triple H Horseracing review actually finished on April 21st we are checking now how Colin is getting on with his Final Review.

  2. mathew hanlan

    I live in Australia can i use `all by the book 2 ` on australian racing or can it only be used on UK racing ??

    • BST Admin

      Hi Mathew
      It can only be used on UK racing.

  3. Pete


    Good to see you back. I have a few points/questions and it would be nice to get some answers.

    1) The Lay Formua you released some time ago, has it changed much and if so how can we/I get hold of the recommended changes?

    2) I have brought Betfair Miricale some time ago and paid for the monthly tips to be emailed each month and can say that it did not produce the returns it promised over at least a 10 month period. But you see have it on your site as a highly rated product. There are very mixed reviews on the Internet also alot more negative than positive. Why is it still on this site and will it be down rated or removed?

    3) Question for Ross.
    Hello Ross, I have brought your product FL Horse Racing Software and to be honest I am still struggling a bit to be able to change settings so it can produce the top two rated or produce selections that can be bet on in the place market on Betfair. I have even sent you the rules from the system and the response back to to was I am not sure what you are trying to do.
    I am looking for help and advice from you please and was a little disappointed in the reply because I think you are one of the good guys out there. How can I get help with the above please?
    Best of luck with James mate.

    Thank you for your time boys and I look forward to some positive replys.


    PS In the Ross/James video you said there was another review site that is not what it seems. So I can avoid the site can you please email me it and let me know.

    Thank you


    • BST Admin

      Hi Pete
      This is BST Admin we can answer number 2 the rating for Betfair Miracle was based on what the system achieved during the review period. Now we could be looking at reviewing some of the previous reviews again to see how they fare now and if they are still as effective.

      We are sure James and Ross will comment on Questions 1 and 3.

    • BST Admin

      Hi Pete first of all thanks for being part of the review sites. Your one of 9000 regular readers here although most readers prefer never to post comment.

      1) Layformula I had improved this system 2 years ago and have been testing it for the past 2 years with the new system rules which will be Lay Formula 2.0. I did not want to sell the system until i had properly tested it and 2 years of data later its still going well. I think somewhere near 3 years of results and I’d let that go out again for resale. However I am reluctant to do so because of the way betting systems seem to go as soon as released. I was lucky the first time i suppose that Layformula only ever got raving reviews and the only reason why folk never profited with it was because either they had not enough time to perform the criteria of the system or didnt actually bother and bought the next pdf released onto the market. There is to much at stake for me to release a pony system, not that i am saying LF2 is pony. Just that anything can happen in betting. I’m not sure I want to take that risk.

      3) Any support for Ross products really need to go through his FL support channel. LTO and BST are completely seperate entities to Ross FL software and any other products associated with Ross. I’m sorry I cannot answer your questions regarding Ross software as I do not use it, please contact Ross support team and they will help you with any problems your having im sure.

      I would like to keep all support on LTO and BST strictly to reviews and LTO-BST business and not have Ross products intermingled with these sites. LTO and BST have a combined 13 year history of being Betting related content sites and they will remain that way 🙂


  4. eddie reid

    thank you very much for your help with ken wilson
    very greatfull to you your service is first class
    eddie please take care

  5. Andrew

    Zcode ? has any one heard of this and are they any good ?


    • keith

      @Andrew:are there any plans to review the early bird horse system in the near future,

  6. eddie reid

    good morning i think i have scamed sent money to a man called
    ken wilson suposed to be a work rider at newmarket
    please let me know any info on this man be very greatfull
    so you for doing so eddie thank you very much

    • BST Admin

      Hi Eddie
      We have no experience of this gentleman but we did do a google search using the criteria Ken Wilson Newmarket work rider and the postings on the various sites were less than positive, so we would advise caution here. Bloggers have any of you had dealings with this gentleman please post your comments good or bad.

      • keith

        @BST Admin:
        is the smart race trader still a live review ?

        • BST Admin

          Hi Keith
          Yes Smart Trader is still alive Sgt Howard has updated some of the results today.

  7. Keith Guest

    I have received an email from paceform, their results look impressive, do you have any information about them?.


    • BST Admin

      Hi Keith
      We agree that the results look good and our Admin Manager Kevin is now seeing if they would be interested in BST doing a review of their ratings. Has any of you bloggers out there tried Paceform, if so we would value you your comments.

  8. adrian

    I have been trying to contact Richard Van orden regarding the spectacular Greyhound Lay Pro and ask a question, but at this time he has not replied. Can you help please. here is the missive.
    Hi Rich

    I have been very impressed with the above program. The results are spectacular. However, before purchasing, I want to make absolutely sure that it loads onto my PC using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9. Why am I showing concerns? Because when I bought another greyhound program recently that claimed to load the greyhounds racing cards using a technique called ‘Screen Scraping’ of Internet Explorer 9, it didn’t work. It gave me no Drop Down Box of the days greyhounds, (In fact it only loaded 1 greyhound after a scan, and that was it): How does Greyhound Lay Pro get its
    selections? Does it use an Interface such as Bet Fair or, do I have to subscribe to a racing site to get all the days dogs and then manually click on each race to let the software do it’s business?

    Thank you for all your help. Great review.Adrian

    I also wrote to Steve Davidson the inventor of this program but he has not replied also. I would like to buy this system but I have no confidence if I am not receiving the grace of a reply from the mentors. Thank you

    • Review Admin Rich

      Hi Adrian

      I have been ill this week, so have been unable to put as much time in as usual.

      But I am NOT Richard Van Orden. So blame me for the lack of reply, not him.

      I can’t say for certain that it will work for you – not being the designer or vendor of the software. But it works on MY laptop running under Win 7 and IE9.

      The software displays all the day’s races – it doesn’t display in a browser window – it is its own application. You simply select each race and click the “Get stats” button for that race. If there is a recommended lay bet it is shown, if not you go on to the next race.

      It is a little time-consuming and tedious to click every race for the whole day and you do need to note down the lays when they are displayed, the software does not save them for you. You can do this in the morning, before racing as this stage does not rely on the odds available.

      Then you would use whatever you normally use to place your lays just before the off-time of the race – either the Betfair website or a bot/interface, whatever you normally use.

      Lucian’s review gives you the time before the bell that he places the lay bet and he also gives the range of odds that he accepts.

      • adrian

        @Review Admin Rich:
        Thank you Rich for your reply. Thank you for E Mail received. I have replied via my ISP. I also received a reply from the vendor Steve Davidson. He said he had just lost his son so, now I feel really guilty and chastined for my impatience.

  9. Josh Kenny

    hi everyone, im new to this kind of thing i was wondering if anyone has heard of ?, i subscribed to them about a week ago and so far i have had 2 winning tips (out of 2), i was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this system???

    • Chris Hacker

      I got scammed by them. I have been following a betting system called Sportsbettingstar. I figured I would try sports betting legend. These guys are basically stealing their picks from the website sportsbettingstar and selling them for $75 more. This site is fraudulant

      • Ben Fulmans

        @Chris Hacker: I have been betting with sportsbettingstar as well and they are really good. It is sad that another website would steal sportsbettingstar picks for monetary gain. I wrote chad an email and let him know about this sportsbettinglegend site stealing his picks

  10. maneman

    Hello everyone,

    I am very pleased to have stumbled upon this site. The level of honesty, knowledge and forthright approach to betting is impressive to say the least.

    Although perfection is only what one can strive for it’s never if ever achieved despite our futile attempts. However, it appears that many on here strive to be fair, diligent and conscientious, at least that’s the impression I have initially formed of Betting System Truths.

    Currently, I am using the Magic Backing Bot or to be more correct, I’ve just stopped using it live as I feel from the performance recently that this is going nowhere fast. Coupled of course with the reviews on this site I have decided to quit whilst still ahead as I did manage to experience a brief purple patch prior to Christmas. Alas, January has been very much downhill along with the weather.

    Have subscribed to ABTB and Golden Key as a result of the reviews here and also running Bet2Win, ASP and Winning Trainers prior to discovering Betting System Truths.

    Have done some trials and reviews in the past, so have managed in the main to avoid the Rochdale road gang of thieves and the obvious scam merchants but it’s still a minefield out there with well meaning individuals few and far between.
    Does tend to make one rather cynical and wary of all the purveyors of this and that wonderful system and/or method that one almost concludes that one should be joining the band of betting system vendors and affiliates as that must be where it’s at; or is it?

  11. paul

    hello everyone, what a great site. i have just been surfing, and came across a site called i saw the results on, and got directed to the site. it claims decent profit, and is giving away free nba tips, but has only been proofed for the last few days, and was wondering if anyone had ever heard anything of it? cheers guys

  12. Review Manager Rich

    Hi Ian
    If you don’t mention sites that pirate other people’s work, there will be no need to censor

    I’m sorry you are too busy to be a reviewer for us. We are just a handful of individuals and it is a work-intensive job to bring these sites and these reviews to you.

    It will help us enormously if your contributions don’t promote stolen goods – I’m sure you understand.

    Thanks for letting us know about Ron’s charity site.

  13. Craig

    Hi I have a new tipping service, and I have almost completed the website. I know that to have it reviewed here or on requires an affiliate plan, and was just wondering if anyone had any advise, of what site to use etc? thanks for any help

  14. ian josephs

    I have originated several systems,all of which have passed 4 simple tests.
    1:-All systems show good profits in EACH of the last 7 years (verified quickly and easily on the Adrian Massey records site)
    2:- All horses are selected the evening BEFORE racing in ten minutes or less by clicking on line onto the Racing Post “tomorrow’s cards” .
    3:- All users select the same horses with no ambiguity whatever.
    4:-No system takes more than 50 words to define and most take less than half that number !

    How many of the systems you have reviewed pass these 4 simple tests?

    • Review Manager Rich

      @ian josephs:

      Thanks Ian. We would be happy to review your systems on here. Our readers are always happy to see reviews of successful systems. Just contact me at [email protected]

  15. yidoboy

    Hi all,i Is anyone using Money Talks system?.As i brought this system a few years ago,but didn’t use it for very long!.I am having probs finding the market movers list on R.Post.So if anyone could help me i would be very grateful.

  16. IanF

    I was asked by Luigi on the ABTB comment thread about which tipsters/systems/methods are profitable for me.
    I tried to answer in that thread, but I have been asked to post it here instead because it isn’t about ABTB.


    I am not sure if I am allowed to mention the tipsters and sytems who are making me a profit. Nearly all of them have long losing runs. But i allocate a separate betting bank to each system/method/service I use and will keep it going (so long as some of the bank remains) for up to 3 months before rejecting it.
    I am a longer term portfolio style bettor. None of them have been reviewed here , or at LTO. Also I don’t know if the paid for ones are still taking new members.

    But here is a list of some (which may be censored):
    handicapped horses – thread free on (Site censored due to its nature)
    correct score dutching – thread free on (Site censored due to its nature)
    Tripple H Horse Racing

    You should find something you like out of that lot.


    • Review Manager Rich


      Thanks for the list Ian.

      We have already reviewed ExBookie on here (passed 3.5 stars). I am currently setting up a reviewer to do Triple H so that will be interesting to see. I get the Punterspal emails – I’ll have to give them some attention.

      Not sure what the – symbols you put in mean (am I being thick?) nor what the “Site censored” means. I haven’t censored or altered your message. But we wouldn’t want links, especially to dodgy sites.

      But thanks for your list. Do you fancy joining our team of reviewers? We basically do 12 week reviews, so you are in effect doing the same with your 3 month betting banks.


      • IanF

        @Review Manager Rich:
        Regarding the ‘Site censored’ . When I put in the post on the ABTB thread, it was edited and the name oth the sie was replaced with the phrase @Site censored due to its nature’.

        I did not atempt to put in any actual links, just enough information that interested parties could use Google to find the relevant sies.

        I got the idea of 3 mionth betting banks from seeing you reviews and also from the comment from the previous review manager about the performance of Betfair Miracle after its 12 week review here had finished.

        I am far to busy to be a Reviewer for you, though its nice to know that you think I might have the right qualities. When I first visited this site, I had a shortage of ideas/systems for my betting. Now I have too many to follow up. For example I have designed or been given a total of 23 horse racing systems from the Adrian Massey website’s database. All of which are theoretically long term profitabel ( > 4yrs with no unprofitable years). But they are all niche systems which require too long for me to operate.

        My latest betting discovery is Ron Robinson’s ratings and advice. He is trying to raise money for charities associated with Horseracing and used to give out his daily information for free. But the tight B4st4rd5 who visited his site didn’t donate (as requested), so now he charges a pittance for it. And I mean a pittance :
        All his advice plus part ownership of 3 horses in training for £500 per year.
        The above without the horse ownership for £120 – thats 33p per day!
        Plus 2 cheaper packagesl.

        Oh and did I say that his betting advice ( maiunly dutchibg) is red hot right now, and that he has NEVER had a losing Lay (though has only done 26 so far).

        Thats enough for now,

        P.S Bet4mula is by the same guy who does Ex-Bookie except it is his System rather than his value selections.

        • Luigi


          Hi Ian,
          thanks for sharing the services that you use, I’ve decided that I will try Bonus Bagging and probably also Ex-Bookie (seems Bet4mula has hit a nasty loosing run). You mention also Rob Robinsons service, do you know if it’s possible to check his past results? Apart from the testimonials on his page I wasn’t able to find anything and at 120 pounds for the gold season ticket I would feel better if I could see some proof


          • Daveyboy

            Kachina Racing
            Chris Geek, owner of Kachina Racing, has been promising me a refund for a failed sysytem for weeks and weeks saying cheque is in the post.
            Well, it is not.
            Please do not have anything to do with him or his company – you will dissappointed and out of pocket.

          • Dazzler



            I am having the exact same trouble mate? Have you received your cheque yet?

          • Daveyboy


            I received it last week after MONTHS of sending emails EVERY day.
            I pestered him to death – must have eventually got fed up with me.
            He is NOT to be trusted – lied to me saying it was in the post, etc, etc

          • IanF

            Hi Luigi,
            Ron Robinsons results are discretionary, so there is mno such thing as proof. Though if you sign up for his free daily email you can not only see his previous day’s ratings, advice and the results (not in cash terms); but also get some free tips for races of low quality – i.e ones he will only back to low stakes.

            Re Bet4mula – I bet now you wish you had signed up for that one. For sound systems, the best time to start following is after on losing run. So I would tend not to susbcribe at times like the present. My only problem with it at present is that I like to see a couple of losing days before increasing my stakes – so I haven’t had the opportunity recently.

            The same guy (Paul Morris) has a football system based upon bet4mula out – and it too is doing rather well.

            I know what you the vast majority of threads there (including the ones i mentioned) are NOT pirated systems, in fact one of them is now set up as a commercial tips and so is no longer free. Having said that, the results turned to custard when it went commercial.

            I have never knowingly given links or any details of any commercial systems out on this or any other Forum.


  17. Review Manager Rich

    Hi Ian

    Please stick around. You have made some useful contributions, so far.


  18. IanF

    In respone to RVO’s survey.

    Hi Richard,
    I was surprised to find your Racing Learning curve PDf not worth the effort of completing the survey.
    I am only a novice Horse Racing Punter (18months experience) and could have written it myself.

    Perhaps I am not in your target audience, because I noticed that when asking about number of bets per day you only went up to 5+.
    Whilst I only wager a total of a few hundred pounds per day, I do make 30 to 50 bets, many on the same races because I use a portfolio of betting systems and services.

    I guess this is just one more indication that BST and LTO are probably no longer worth my while checking now.

    Ian Foster

    • BST Admin

      Hi Ian the PDF was a kind gesture on my part. To complete the survey was a thankyou from yourself to our reviewers who do all this for free on a daily basis. It helps us guide them to review what the readers want.

      I’m sorry the PDF was not to your liking. It disappoints me to hear that. I put quite a lot of effort into it, and yes it was aimed at beginners as i stated in the opening introduction.

      The survey was there based on products we have reviewed in the past. It was no reflection on what type of reader we want. This is a free service and it is free to use. Sorry to lose you if you feel that way. I would ask that you reconsider.

      Cheers and have a great 2012.
      Richard Van Orden

  19. Gav

    Anybody got any comments on the BETTING BOOSTER software that appears to be the latest thing out at the moment

    • Kris

      Hi Gav, leave Betting Booster well alone!! Various threads are bagging it, with ClickBank working overtime issuing refunds……

      • TRISTAN

        Has anyone had any dealings with Profit Racing ? I’ve had a few emails from the system owner Chris Adams and just wondered if you’ve ever tested his claims. All the salesy blurb can be found on their website.

        Thanks guys

        PS: Just found your website – quality!!!!

  20. andystiger

    Anyone got any feed back on the greyhound lay pro ?. I got it a few weeks back and i am still paper trading with it , at present it is doing very well with a longest winning bet run of 42 & a longest losing run of 2 . I am interested in the longer term stability of it so if anyone could help it would be very much appreciated,been in touch with steve davidson the person i purchased it from & he was very helpfull seems a genuin bloke .cheers Andy

    • Review Manager Rich


      Hi Andy

      I’m in touch with Steve to see if we can review it.

      • andystiger

        @Review Manager Rich: Thanks Rich look forward to seeing the outcome if poss.

    • paceman

      @andystiger: I use the system,only prob quite a few selections go unmatched.Quite often you are laying 10/1 about a 5/1 shot,but saying that at present it is in profit


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