D G Tips Introduction

31st October 2017

Sgt Mick Introduces D G Tips

Hi Everybody,

Sgt Mick here with my second review for Betting System Truths. My first review was a laying system. I have had a lifelong interest in horse racing and have always favoured the systematic approach, but,needless to say, I am still looking for the one which allows you to retire. However ,hope springs eternal, so here goes.
Review: D.G Tips from Tipsters Empire
Tipsters Empire is a tipping site started by James Walsh of JPW Racing which has been live since September 2015. D.G Tips is one of their tipsters.
The System
This is a straightforward tipping system. Tips are provided by email the evening before racing with a descriptive paragraph outlining the reasoning for each tip. These are well written and coherent. Tips cover UK, racing and are advised to a straight 1pt win or 0.5pt E/W.
This is quick and easy so won’t take much time to place your bets. D.G Tips gives advised prices and Tipsters Empire calculate his P/L on this basis. I will keep an eye on whether I believe these prices to be freely available and for the purposes of the review I will be using these prices to begin with. If it transpires that this needs to be reviewed, then I will look again. I will include the S.P.’S on all winners or placed horses in my reports.
The Cost
D.G.Tips have four subscription plans: 1 month £30, 3 months £75, 6 months £135,1 year £240. If you are a new customer then you can have access to 28 days for just £1
System Requirements
This is a straight tipping service so no special requirements
Staking plan and betting bank.
D.G Tips calculate returns to £10 per point.
Review updates
I hope to review daily
I hope you enjoy the review
 If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.

Sgt Mick Reviews D G Tips