D G Tips Review Day 26

25thNovember 2017   

Sgt Mick Review

Dear Member
Another profitable day and another profitable week. Two days off scheduled now and then back to it on Tuesday.
Russe Blanc fell when travelling very well. He would have for sure placed at the very least. The risk you take getting involved with jump racing.
Chelwood Gate was far too keen early on. I reckon connections will drop him back to a mile now he is a very well handicapped horse. Bad decision to get involved today, my mistake.
Lucky Di was a shade disappointing although Charles Bishop practically threw the race away at the start. The horse jumped well from a good draw but he has reigned the horse into 2nd last for absolutely no reason.
Annie Salts finished 3rd, she has run well but once again I can’t help but be disappointed in the ride Currie has given her. This horse has made all the last two times it has won, she had the inside draw today and even pinged the gates yet she takes a pull on the horse. Makes very little sense to me.
Lydiate Lady saved the day. She made all as I hoped and it was nice to see a race and ride pan out the way I thought it would.
The racing is poor tomorrow as a result there will be no selections. This will probably be the same for Monday as well but an email will be sent regardless.
No Tips for Sunday 26th November, 2017
DG Tips



No further business until Tuesday. This system is doing very well. Showing a very good profit and I like the idea that we are not inundated with numerous selections. They are obviously well thought through and very well reviewed after the event.  
1 Point = £10

Starting Bank £100

Current Bank £661.50

 If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy the review.
DG Tips.