Daves Pro Golf Selections Introduction     November 21st

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     Something new for me to try this as the title indicates it  is a Golf tipping service and is  run by a chap called Dave Bicknell a professional golfer. So what can we expect from the service around 5 or 6 each way selections per major tournament  (you normally have at least 2 tournaments per week) these are sent out by e-mail every Wednesday within the e-mail reasons are given why each player has been chosen which is good thing. Now the tournaments start on a Thursday and finish on a Sunday sometimes they do overrun into Monday, one thing to be aware of now is that most of matches are being played in the eastern part of the world so be wary of the time difference. The selections are also available on a members webpage in case you have a problem with your e-mail. So a part from the main E.W Bets, selections are also sent out  during the 4 days for the 2 and 3 ball these could be win bets or lay bets. Looking at the profits shown on the website and sales page the service has made around 246 points profit in 6 months to 0.5 points E.W stakes given the nature of the sport and the size of the fields 160 plus sometimes, one will get  losing runs but with odds of 50/1 or more being quite common it does not take long for any losses to be regained.

  So the cost of the service is £47 per month, a bit of money can be saved if you subscribe for 6 months it will set you back £235 and for a full year the cost is £470. No recommendation is made for a bank so i will start off with 200 points Bank betting 1 point E.W per main selection and then i will seperate the  2 and 3 ball selections using 1 point level stake starting with a 100 point Bank. So lets see what this review brings forth rather than call the trial by days it will be done by week i already have the selections from Wednesday the 17th so will be posting the first batch of results tomorrow.



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