Doug McKenna Racing Review Laying Introduction

6th September 2016

Doug McKenna Racing Lays

Sgt Paul – Introduces Doug McKenna Racing Laying

Sgt Paul here and today I am doing a review of Doug McKenna Racing laying service. I am also reviewing his backing service. It is currently available as a free trial which Doug McKenna says he will be limiting to 50 people. You can join this by emailing him as he doesn’t have a website yet but should have one shortly. His email address is [email protected].

I covered Doug McKenna’s story in the backing service review but I will copy it here as well. Doug McKenna is from Ireland and says that apart from his family racing is his only real passion.

Here’s what Doug said when we contacted him.

“Can I make you a better punter, can I make you become the punter or bettor which over time you could only dream off? Well that’s the question I set out to ask myself when I decided to put myself forward, openly and without any questions when it came time for me to proof my selections for all to see.

I won’t ever say that I’ve cracked it, because no one can ever crack racing, it’s an ongoing journey, one which you have to work at constantly.

This is why I put my racing first. and so should you…

I know if I provide you with winning horses which you desire over a time period together and you understand my working selection methods and how I operate then to get back to my original question … Yes I will make you a better punter. Hopefully you will get on with me as well, im a pretty laid back person. I’m only 100% serious when my eyes are on the day racing.”

Doug provided me with his results which covered from October 2015 up to the end of August. A profit of 191.77 points from 913 qualifiers with 782 winners for a strike rate of 85.65%.

I will be updating my review weekly.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.


Sgt Paul Introduces Doug McKenna Racing Laying