Draw Doubles Week 6 & 7

18th April 2018










Sgt Carlo Reviews Draw Doubles


Hello everyone this is the sixth & seventh week review of draw doubles, it covers the days from Friday 6th of April to Friday 20th of April.

Our three different starting banks are now respectively: 47,62 points for singles, 137,83 points for doubles and 185,45 (I’d misscalculated last week, and i’ll check back all calculation before posting the final review) points for both singles and double.

Day 37 (6/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Friday, Apr​​​​​​​il 6th



Day 38 (7/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Saturday, April 7th
Set 1
Spain, Primera: Alaves v Getafe average odds 3.05 (LOSS)
Italy, Serie B: Cremonese v Foggia average odds 3.24 (LOSS)
Germany, Bundesliga: Freiburg v Wolfsburg average odds 3.10 (LOSS)
Set 2
England, Championship: Hull City v QPR average odds 3.57 (LOSS)
England, Premier League: Leicester v Newcastle average odds 3.49 (LOSS)
Scotland, Premier League: St Johnstone v Motherwell average odds 3.14 (WIN)
Set 3
Spain, Segunda: Barcelona B v Cultural Leonesa average odds 3.21 (LOSS)
Spain, Primera: Celtia Vigo v Sevilla average odds 3.46 (LOSS)
Portugal, Segunda: Covihla v Varzim average odds 2.97 (LOSS)
Set 4
Portugal, Segunda: Lexioes v Santa Clara average odds 3.03 (LOSS)
Portugal, Primeira: Tondela v Portimonense average odds 3.17 (WIN)
Spain, Segunda: Zaragoza v Huesca average odds 3.10 (LOSS)
Set 5
Argentina, Superliga: Rosario Central v Belgrano average odds 3.21 (LOSS)
Spain, Segunda: Albacete v Rayo Vallecano average odds 3.03 (LOSS)
Argentina, Superliga: Colon v Velez Sarsfield average odds 3.05 (VOID)
SINGLES  BANK 39,93 POINTS (-7,69 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 122,83 POINTS (-15 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 162,76 POINTS (-22,69 profit on day)


Day 39 (8/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Sunday, April 8th
Set 1
Turkey, Superlig: Konyaspor v Sivasspor average odds 3.43 (LOSS)
Turkey, Superlig: Alanyaspor v Akhisar average odds 3.51 (LOSS)
Spain, Primera: R​​​​​​​eal Madrid v Atletico Madrid average odds 3.90 (WIN)
Set 2
Portugal, Primeira: Chaves v Belenenses average odds 3.17 (WIN)
Germany, Bundesliga: Frankfurt v Hoffenheim average odds 3.43 (WIN)
France, Ligue 1: Marseille v Montpellier average odds 3.83 (WIN)


SINGLES  BANK 48,26 POINTS (+8,33 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 153,98 POINTS (+31,15profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 202,24 POINTS (+39,48 profit on day)


Day 40 & 41 (9/04/2018) & (10/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Monday, April 9th – Tuesday, April 10th
Set 1
Germany, Bundesliga: Leipzig v Leverkusen average odds 3.55 (LOSS)
England Championship (Tuesday): Ipswich v Barnsley average odds 3.23  (LOSS)
England, Championship (Tuesday): QPR​​​​​​​ v Sheffield Wednesday average odds 3.48 (LOSS)
SINGLES  BANK 45,26 POINTS (-3 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 150,98 POINTS (-3 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 196,24 POINTS (-6 profit on day)

Day 42 (11/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Wednesday, Apr​​​​​​​il 11th
Set 1
Portugal, Segunda: Real SC v Covihla average odds 3.10 (LOSS)
Portugal, Segunda: Santa Clara v Ar​​​​​​​ouca average odds 2.95 (WIN)
Portugal, Segunda: Benfica B v Leixoes average odds 3.27 (LOSS)
SINGLES  BANK 45,21 POINTS (-0,05 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 147,98 POINTS (-3 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 193,19 POINTS (-3,05 profit on day)

Day 43 (12/04/2018)
Draw Selections for Thursday, Apr​​​​​​​il 12th
No Bets Today

Day 44 (13/04/2018)

 Draw Selections for Friday, April 13th

Set 1
France, Ligue 2: Niort v Lens average odds 3.12 (WIN)
France, Ligue 2: Orleans v Rouen average odds 3.25 (LOSS)
France, Ligue 2: Valenciennes v Bourg Peronnas average odds 3.29 (WIN)
Set 2
France, Ligue 1: Angers v Nice average odds 3.19 (WIN)
Spain, Primera: Girona v Betis average odds 3.46 (LOSS)
Argentina, Superliga: Gimnasia v Atletico Tucuman 3.11 (LOSS)
SINGLES  BANK 48,81 POINTS (+3,6 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 152,67 POINTS (+4,69 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 201,48 POINTS (+8,29 profit on day)

Day 45 (14/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Saturday, Apr​​​​​​​il 14th
Set 1
Spain, Primera: Sevilla v Villarreal average odds 3.73 (WIN)
Italy, Serie A: Cagliari v Udinese average odds 3.17 (LOSS)
Turkey, Superlig: Malatyaspor v Alanyaspor average odds 3.20 (WIN)
Set 2
Germany, Bundesliga: Leverkusen v Frankfurt average odds 3.70 (LOSS)
England, Championship: Middlesborough v Bristol City average odds 3.39 (LOSS)
Argentina, Superliga: QPR v Preston average odds 3.33 (LOSS)
Set 3
England, Premier League: Crystal Palace Brighton average odds 3.45 (LOSS)
England, Premier League: Huddersfield v Watford average odds 3.14 (LOSS)
Scotland, Championship: Morton v Queen of South average odds 3.51 (LOSS)
Set 4
Scotland, Premier League: Hamilton v Kilmarnock average odds 3.46 (LOSS)
Portugal, Primeira: Aves v Feirense average odds 3.46 (LOSS)
Argentina, Superliga: Olimpo v San Martin average odds 3.12 (LOSS)
Set 5
Spain, Primera: Leganes v Celta Vigo average odds 3.18 (LOSS)
England, Premier League: Tottenham v Manchester City average odds 3.53 (LOSS)
Netherlands, Eredivisie: Zwolle v Excelsior average odds 3.75 (WIN)
SINGLES  BANK 44,49 POINTS (-4,32 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 149,61POINTS (-3,06 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 194,10 POINTS (-7,38 profit on day)

Day 46 (15/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Sunday, Apr​​​​​​​il 15th
Set 1
Germany, Bundesliga 2: Darmstadt v Braunschweig average odds 3.17 (WIN)
Denmark, Superliga: Aalborg v Horsens average odds 3.33 (LOSS)
England, Premier League: Newcastle v Arsenal average odds 3.53 (LOSS)
Set 2
Italy, Serie A: AC Milan v Napoli average odds 3.56 (WIN)
Germany, Bundesliga: Schalke v Dortmund average odds 3.37 (LOSS)
Netherlands, Eredivisie: PSV v Ajax average odds 3.53 (LOSS)
Set 3
Portugal, Segunda: Braga B v Guimaraes B average odds 3.23 (LOSS)
Germany, Bundesliga: Werder Bremen v Leipzig average odds 3.53 (WIN)
Turkey, Super Lig: Galatasaray Basaksehir average odds 3.67 (LOSS)
Set 4
Argentina, Superliga: Patronato v Estudiantes average odds 3.03 (LOSS)
Portugal, Primeira: Benfica v Porto average odds 3.18 (LOSS)
Italy, Serie A: Lazio v R​​​​​​​oma average odds 3.39 (WIN)
SINGLES  BANK 46,14 POINTS (+1,65 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 137,61POINTS (-12 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 183,75 POINTS (-10,35 profit on day)

Day 47 (16/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Monday, Apr​​​​​​​il 16th
No Bets Today
Day 48 (17/04/2018)
Draw Selections for Tuesday, April 17th
Italy, Serie B: Carpi v Perugia average odds 3.00 (LOSS)
Italy, Serie B: Cittadella v Palermo average odds 3.07 (WIN)
Italy, Serie B: Ternana v Foggia average odds 3.26 (WIN)
SINGLES  BANK 49,47 POINTS (+3,33 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 144,62POINTS (+7,01 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 193,99 POINTS (+10,34 profit on day)

Day 49 (18/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Wednesday, Apr​​​​​​​il 18th
Belgium, Jupiler League: Standard Liege v Anderlecht average odds 3.29 (LOSS)
Italy, Serie A: Fiorentina v Lazio average odds 3.38 (LOSS)
Italy, Serie A: Torino v AC Milan average odds 3.26 (WIN)
SINGLES  BANK 49,73 POINTS (+0,26 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 141,62POINTS (-3 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 191,35 POINTS (-2,74 profit on day)

Day 50 (19/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Thursday, Apr​​​​​​​il 19th
Denmark, Superliga: Midtjylland v Brondby average odds 3.40 (LOSS)
England, Premier League: Burnley v Chelsea average odds 3.47 (LOSS)
Australia, A-League: Melbourne City v Brisbane average odds 3.84 (LOSS)
SINGLES  BANK 46,73 POINTS (-3 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 138,62POINTS (-3 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 185,35 POINTS (-6 profit on day)

Day 51 (20/04/2018)

Draw Selections for Friday, April 20th
Germany, Bundesliga: Monchengladbach v Wolfsburg average odds 3.55 (LOSS)
Spain, Segunda: Real Oviedo v Valladolid average odds 3.11 (LOSS)
Argentina, Superliga: Estudiantes v Belgrano average odds 3.05 (LOSS)
SINGLES  BANK 43,73 POINTS (-3 profit on day)

DOUBLES  BANK 135,62POINTS (-3 profit on day)

MIXED  BANK 179,35 POINTS (-6 profit on day)


Sgt Carlo Reviews Draw Doubles