Dynamic Racing Trends Day 84

25th April 2016 



Sgt Paul – Reviews Dynamic Racing Trends

24th April 2016 Results

24/4/2016 15:00 Muss Rockwood 8.60 -1.00
24/4/2016 17:00 Muss Mystical King 15.67 -1.00

Total qualifying bets for Day 84 = 2

Profit and Loss Before Racing = -2.62 points Profit to Betfair BSP

Profit and Loss after Day 84 Racing = -4.62 points Profit to Betfair BSP

Day 84 seen a loss of  -2.00 points.

Today sees the last day of the trial of 84 days and what a shame to see the last 2 days go into a loss.

I will be back shortly with my final review.



Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy the review.

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Sgt Paul Reviews Dynamic Racing Trends