Easy Lay Method Review Day 54

Hi Bloggers

Today’s results were a complete disaster for this system and really demonstrate the
value you get from Betting System Truths extended trials. I reviewed this system on 
another blog in December 2009 for 28 days and recomended it as it ended up in profit
that month!

Let’s face it, today’s results were a dream for any backing tipster in the Win market,
let alone the Place market with a 75% strike rate!

14.10    Curragh          Bangalore Gold                 WON    BSP 2.80

15.25    Chester           Brae Hill                               WON    BSP 1.71

15.30    Haydock        Beyond Desire                   WON    BSP 1.34

15.45    Curragh          Canford Cliffs                     WON    BSP 1.80

16.00    Chester          Alfraamsey                           2nd    BSP 1.54   (losing bet)

16.05    Haydock        Novellen Lad                     WON    BSP 1.96

17.00    Goodwood   Gordon Flash                       3rd     BSP 1.40   (losing bet)

17.20    Lingfield        Serena’s Pride                   WON    BSP 1.70

18.05    Newbury       Bajan Pride                          2nd     BSP 1.98   (losing bet)

Level Stakes                                                                 Fixed Liability

P/L today:                     – 7.23  points                   – 9.00  points

Cumulative P/L:     – 19.92  points               – 35.20  points

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Sgt Jon