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Site Admin Kevin Reviews Everyday Profits System 2.0

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If you followed the original review of Everyday Profits System you will be aware that James decided to stop the review and start it again using the updated version.  Sgt. Howard is unable to do the new review and as I assisted Irina with updating the ebook James decided it would be best for me to carry out the new review.  

The System

Everyday Profits System is a horse racing win backing betting system explained on a 22 page PDF.    The PDF sticks to the system and does not contain the often 10 pages of how to place a bet on Betfair or the like.  I will be testing the system on UK Horse Racing as this is what is advised. I will be following the system taking into account no bet days although I will also try and keep a record of how the system performs ignoring the no bet rule as well.  The system has a time limit of 2 and a half hours if you haven’t achieved the minimum 3 point profit target or hit one of the stop losses by then. Everybody should get the same selections every day and the only time results may differ is if someone ignores the no bet rule or if they place their bets using available Betfair odds and the profit is just under 3 points using the available odds and just over 3 points using Betfair SP and vice versa . 


Everyday Profits System can be bought via click bank (with a 60 day money back guarantee) for a total cost of £70.80 including VAT.

System requirements

To operate Everyday Profits System you’ll only need access to Betfair and the internet and be available during afternoons racing.

Staking Plan and Betting Bank.

I will only be operating one betting bank and using the authors advised staking plan of 200pt betting bank and betting  1pt to start then with 50% stake increases on any following bet (so second bet would be 1.5pts).   I will also be following the money management advice and taking out the profit. I will be recording the profit using a level stakes betting bank for comparison but will only report that in the final review although James will give periodic updates of the level stakes profit.

All bets will be placed at Betfair SP with commission set at 5%.


Review updates

I intend to do updates daily / or every 2-3 days during the review.

The initial review will last 56 Betting Days.

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Site Admin Kevin Reviewing Everyday Profits System 2.0